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Lost Planet 3 Multiplayer Details Revealed

Lost Planet 3 Multiplayer Details Revealed

Capcom recently revealed their Multiplayer content plans for upcoming title, Lost Planet 3! Featuring four compelling Multiplayer modes playable across six diverse maps, gamers will take on the role of either the NEVEC forces or Snow Pirates.

Scenario Mode sets each team a series of either offensive or defensive challenges and mixes them up with the extreme and unpredictable conditions of E.D.N. III. Players can compete in both third person on-foot action and in first person combat using the futuristic Vital Suits, making this a dynamic gameplay experience.

Akrid Survival sees two teams of three players compete independently of each other in a series of encounters against waves of hostile Akrid before the teams go head to head in a final PvP elimination round.

See the Multiplayer trailer below!

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