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New Characters Added To Dynasty Warriors 8

New Characters Added To Dynasty Warriors 8

Recently, Tecmo Koei announced that two new warriors from the Wu kingdom will be added to the roster of Dynasty Warriors 8 playable characters.

Lu Su is a majestic governor-general who enjoys the trust of the people who surround him and acts as a capable diplomat seeking to put an end to the bloodshed of the war. He is a very reliable man, comfortable in his role as a successor to the teachings of Zhou Yu and Lu Meng and he always lends his excess resources to the needy in an attempt to fulfil his goal of surviving the turbulent times he lives in.

Alongside Lu Shu the skilled veteran Han Dang joins the forces of Wu. Although sometimes jealous of his overachieving fellow officers he is a gently humble and dependable leader and a quick and fearsome warrior.

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