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Preview: Are You Ready To Enter A World Of Dragons In Dragon's Prophet

Preview: Are You Ready To Enter A World Of Dragons In Dragon's Prophet

I recently had the opportunity to go hands on with Dragon’s Prophet, a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from Infernum Productions. With a title like that, you must be thinking to yourself “I wonder if dragons are involved?” and the answer is yes….over 300 dragons to be exact.

Dragon’s Prophet takes place in Auratia, a world created by a group of dragons which has caused many of the creatures within the world to have dragon spirit within them resulting in some very unique looking dragons and best of all, you can capture these dragons! Dragon’s Prophet’s key selling point is the ability to capture dragons and have them fight alongside you. With four different types of dragons including Land, flying, Gliding and Underwater, there is a lot of enjoyment to be found in finding out which type of dragon you favour. That’s not to say that you are limited to one type once you do find your favourite, as you are permitted a maximum of 6 dragons at one time allowing you to switch things up in areas where certain dragons are required.

Yes that is a dragon.
Those looking for a solo-based experience are going to like what they see in Dragon's Prophet, as Infernum will be using dragons as a means to allow players to play through the majority of the game without having to form parties when in need of certain player roles, which nicely shakes up how the genre can be played. One of the most interesting features brought up was that dragons can work for you while you are offline, saving you time from doing the usual collecting activities such as chopping firewood and finding ingredients. The use of dragons has been well thought out by Infernum, especially when considering the time players will save not having to do tedious labor and drawn-out periods of walking.

During the time I spent playing the game, I had the chance to capture a couple dragons as well as explore a dungeon. Capturing a dragon can come across as being rather annoying due to a confusingly designed mini-game, however when you do manage to successfully capture a dragon, you are left feeling triumphant every single time and just downright awesome.

The combat differs from what we usually see in an MMORPG with a combo system that results in fast action orientated combat without having to rely on cool down times when attacking. Mixing up your attacks with the two mouse buttons is a nice change that speeds up the course of battle whilst remaining smooth throughout.

While the dungeon I explored didn't offer me anything I hadn't seen before, I was informed that it was one of the more basic dungeons within the 5 zones that make up the overall world. Three dungeons known as adventure dungeons and one legendary dungeon can be found in each of the 5 zones, where I do hope that they manage to be a little more unique than the one I played through.

Dragon’s Prophet’s visuals work relatively well with the type of world Infernum Productions have created, colourful with slickly designed models and textures that complement the fantasy setting. You won’t believe some of the crazy dragon designs Infernum have come up with until you play the game.

Ready to wage war with this bad ass dragon by your side?
While PvP was only slightly spoken about, the information given was that PvP will feature large scale battles between guilds for control of castles, which along with the addition of siege weapons sounds like it could be a real highlight for those playing.

Dragon’s Prophet has a lot of potential and credit has to be given to Infernum Productions for attempting to go down a different route especially with combat. They have managed to cram a solid amount of content into the game already with future updates already planned including mounted combat, which I am personally looking forward to seeing how they go about designing especially in PvP. If you love dragons (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then this is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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