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Moga Mobile Game Controller Review

Moga Mobile Game Controller Review

The Moga Mobile Game controller allows you to play your mobile games in a more comfortable way, especially for those that detest the use of the touch screen which can be more than unhelpful a majority of the time.

The controller comes in two types, the Moga Pro and the Moga Pocket with each offering their own advantages depending on whether you’re on the go, or wanting to generally play your mobile games in a more comfortable way. Each controller comes with a hook that allows you to hook your device into place and while first impressions may seem like it can easily fall off, believe me when I say it won’t. Below I've gone into a little more detail regarding each controller and its capabilities.

Moga Pocket Controller
When you’re constantly on the go, this controller is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be hooked up to your mobile phone for better control during gameplay. The controller features two analogue sticks, action buttons and shoulder buttons at the top, all within easy reach but also spread out well so it doesn't feel squashed together.

The controller fits comfortably in your hands and the smoothness of the analogue sticks remind me of the same ones used on the PlayStation Portable and in some way, also mimics the kind of control scheme you would see on screen with a game that requires the use of touch. The only really big gripe I have with the controller is the fact that it needs batteries in order to run and even so, it doesn’t offer any solution to install a battery pack to get it charged instead.

Moga Pro Controller
Now this is for the more serious gamers of us and this becomes apparent with both the size and design of the controller. The layout looks like a lot like what you would find on the Xbox 360 and unlike the Moga Pocket Controller, it features two shoulder buttons, a D-Pad and full sized grips to make sure it won’t go flying out of your hands. Also a big plus is the fact that you can actually recharge this one, so unlike the pocket version, no batteries are required.

So that’s essentially both controllers for you, so which one works for you right? To make things simpler, it’s more about what you want to get out of it. If you’re the type of person that’s constantly moving or travelling and would like to get your gaming fix in, then the Pocket Controller is for you as it’s small, easy to carry and just like the name says, fits in your pocket pretty easily.

For more extended playtime, the Pro controller would be for you due to the grips allowing for better comfort and its design allowing for better control during gameplay. Also unlike the Pocket version, this is also HID enabled which gives you access to an even bigger library of games.

All games are accessed from the Moga Pivot App which can be downloaded from Google Play. Once this is done, it allows you to use the controller on a variety of titles such as Pacman and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Even through the use of the controller, it felt completely natural as if I was just playing on my console. There’s no delay between button presses and all it essentially does is bring a higher level of control to your mobile gaming that wasn't possible before due to the constraints of the touch screen.

Simply put I feel that that there is now better way to play your mobile games than use a Moga Mobile Controller as it supports a great number of devices, even going as far back as Android 2.3! The Moga Mobile Controller puts the precision of console gaming back into your hands, while at the same time, it looks and feels great to use.

These are the current products available right now in the UK however during E3 2013, the Moga Power Series was announced which now comes with the added feature of charging your device while you play. Not only this but also support for Multiplayer gaming on the same screen, improved ergonomics and improved Bluetooth radios for a better all round experience. While this all sounds great, the Moga Power Series itself won’t be available in the UK until October.

The controllers are both available now in the UK with the Pocket going for £29.99 and the Pro going for £39.99 so for more information, visit the official website here - http://www.mogaanywhere.com/

Had a chance to try the controllers out? Have a different opinion to mine? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet me - @WKG_Liban

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