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Visit El Diablo's Domain In Guacamelee! DLC

Visit El Diablo's Domain In Guacamelee! DLC

Following up from Guacamelee!'s successful release of the game on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Drinkbox are back again with new DLC that will take you to the home of the devil.

In El Diablo's Domain DLC, Brave the fires of El Infierno, once a perfect bureaucratic nightmare, the Devil's domain was thrown into chaos by Carlos Calaca's uprising. Rooms where the damned were tortured with never-ending paperwork now host a twisted form of entertainment - a series of challenges where the strongest and most agile must prove their skills. Prove yourself, and you'll unlock powerful new costumes for Juan and Tostada!

Disfraces! (Costumes!)
- El Portero - A soccer goalie with a keen eye for style and a devastating throw.
- Alebrije - Harness the awesome power of these dream creatures to deal (but also take) massive damage.
- Diablo's Suit - Drain the life of your enemies while looking good enough for an interview on Wall Street.

The DLC is out now and you can pick it up for €2.49/£1.99).

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