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Xbox 360 Gamers Are Getting Some Free Games

Xbox 360 Gamers Are Getting Some Free Games

Back at E3, it was announced that along with the current xbox live gold subscription, xbox gamers will be getting 2 free games a month. Is this to make up for all the missteps Microsoft seemed to make with all the much hated Xbox One announcements, or is it just another way to compete with the ever successful Playstation Plus?
Microsoft have had a bit of a tough time recently, what with all the DRM issues and then the instant backpedaling, handing gamers a bit of an olive branch in the form of some free games seems to be a step in the right direction, it's just a shame that the games they're currently offering don't really fit inline with what people were really expecting. Announced at the E3 conference, Halo 3 and Assassins Creed 2 were both promised as titles that would be available but as yet, neither of these titles have shown up as free on the marketplace.

As of last month when the freebies started rolling in, Fable 3 was the first game to be put up to lead the way with the Gold membership exclusive free games, and this month XBLA title Defence Grid became available. This seems to be a good way to get some free achievements and maybe catch up on some games you may have missed out on but still, I think gamers were expecting more than what's been offered so far seeing as it's obvious comparison to PS Plus, it seems to be severely lacking in newer titles or the amount of free games available. The only difference from PS Plus is that once downloaded, these titles are yours forever rather than limited to your duration of premium membership.

Xbox has also been testing the waters with free to play games what with Happy Wars and the Doritos sponsored games Harms Way, Crash Course and it's sequel Crash Course 2 to name a few. Last week Spartacus Legends showed up, a gladiator style beat em up based on the TV show of the same name.

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