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What I Want From WWE 2K14

What I Want From WWE 2K14

Seeing as the roster for WWE 2K14 is being revealed during Summerslam weekend, I got to thinking as to what I’d like to see from the upcoming game to help it stand out next to previous releases in the series.

The recent announcement of ‘The 30 Years of Wrestlemania’ mode has gotten things off to a pretty great start, assuming it follows the same path that the ‘Attitude Era’ mode from last year’s WWE 13 did. While that takes the primary single player campaign slot, I’m assuming it will be accompanied by ‘Universe Mode’ once again, making it its fourth appearance in a WWE game.

While I’d like to see Yukes give ‘GM Mode’ another try, I can understand why it wouldn’t happen considering the Raw and Smackdown brand split has been non-existent for a couple years now. So if we are stuck with ‘Universe Mode’, then I’d like to see the mode give players the option to play through it as a specific superstar, reminiscent of the season modes from Smackdown 2 on PlayStation and Raw 2 on Xbox. Who didn’t love teaming up with a friend and dominating the tag team division or fighting your way to become the WWE champion? It offered a sense of unpredictability that kept players playing for not only months but years.

As I previously mentioned, the full roster is set to be unveiled during Summerslam Axxess this weekend and I can’t stress just how much Yukes needs to nail the roster this year. There has been a real influx of great young talent in the past 12 months, from The Shield to The Wyatt Family to Big E Langston, there are so many new faces that fans are going to be demanding to see in the game. While I’m not too worried about Yukes missing anyone out, delivering as many names as possible from the current roster can only be seen as being a major positive. Damn it we want a perfectly designed Wyatt Family entrance!

WWE has had some real fantastic crowds this year (for Raw in particular) that have managed to improve the quality of the show, no matter how dull the action in the ring is at the time. In saying that, WWE games haven’t ever really managed to come anywhere close to matching the kind of atmosphere seen on television. It’s something I wish Yukes would look into recreating, as it could make a real impact in managing to pull the player into the action as well as adding to the excitement.

I could have mentioned that I feel the gameplay as a whole needs to be scrapped and rethought out (something I’m sure many others have thought as well) but from the small amount we've already seen, we can tell that the game will play much like it has done for the past few years which is hardly surprising.

Overall I feel that the current formula for the WWE series needs more than just tweaking to keep players interested for more than a few months after the game’s release. Wrestling games such as Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain, WWF No Mercy & Fire Pro R are hailed as being some of the best of all time because the developers really tried their hardest to get the most out of what they had available to them. Every year fans are hopeful that the upcoming WWE game will be the ‘next No Mercy’, but until Yukes does away with the current gameplay and starts afresh with new, interesting ideas, we are going to be seeing similar games every year. Still fingers crossed that we see some change in the future.

Had a chance to check out the game? Have a different opinion to mine? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet me - @KingKicks

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  1. The games gonna suck as long as 1 button reversal is in