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New Slimmer And Lighter PlayStation Vita To Be Introduced In The UK

New Slimmer And Lighter PlayStation Vita To Be Introduced In The UK - weknowgamers

Sony UK recently announced that its looking to introduce the new slimmer and lighter PlayStation Vita in the UK after a successful launch in Japan a couple of months ago.  The current launch date for the new handheld is February 7th.

The new PlayStation Vita is has been designed to give off a better form factor, as well as more rounded to fit more comfortable in your hands. Also coming with it will be 1GB of internal storage, a big plus for those who want to get their hands on some cool games, but don't want to splash the cash on ten different memory cards.

Gone is the OLED screen and has now been replaced with an LCD display which is promised to provide users with the highest image quality. Other features include a power indicator and notification indicator at the top of the system which will provide users with various information, such as power status or incoming messages, a micro USB port enabling users to utilize their own USB cable, such as those used for smartphones, for charging or backing up data and lastly an increased length in battery life which can now apparently do up to 6 hours of gameplay.

See screenshots of the model below! (Clicking on an image triggers the gallery for easier viewing).

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