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What We Know So Far Of Final Fantasy XV

What We Know So Far About Final Fantasy XV - weknowgamers

First announced at E3 2006, fans around the globe have been patiently awaiting Square-Enix’s next big entry within the Final Fantasy universe for approximately eight years now.

It got to a point where gamers even questioned whether or not the title would actually release, especially considering how Square focused their resources on Agni’s Philosophy – A Final Fantasy-esque tech demo, rather than catering to the tastes of many fans (myself included) craving more information on what was then titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

I personally didn’t have any doubts that this new title would indeed have an eventual release date, but what I found interesting was the sudden shift in name and numeric title. To go from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV when both titles were supposedly set within the same universe and mythos seemed like a bit of a jump, but when you take time to consider 13’s less than welcoming reception at the loss of a world map in favour of a more linear path, perhaps Square wanted to once again start afresh by releasing a product of the quality we know, love and have come to expect with each and every new title released.

Check out the latest trailer below!

Regardless of what little information we currently have for FFXV, one thing’s for certain and that’s that the game is shaping up to be something very special indeed.

Character design is at its finest, once again with Tetsuya Nomura at its helm and having been built on an advanced version of the Kingdom Hearts engine, gameplay promises to be fast and frantic, focused around more combos and quick time events than that of a turn based strategy, but in keeping true to its original motto, still looks to be realistically sluggish in places, which I feel may give you a greater sense of your own mortality in this fantasy based on reality.

Development first began on PlayStation 3 for FFXV and now that we’ve entered the next generation of console gaming, depending on how far through development the title was before Square decided it would be released on the new consoles will undoubtedly depend on how much needs to be changed in order to release the game as a success. Rumour has it that FFXV is being developed again from the ground up, and if that’s the case, the title will be delayed even further, but with Final Fantasy XIII now coming to a close with Lightning Returns, I believe the upcoming title is next on Nomura’s agenda, with Kingdom Hearts 3 now taking its place on the backburner.

The game’s story revolves around a crystal of power – the last of its kind, and one that is housed within the royal walls of Lucis. War, conflict and tragedy are key elements to the plot, seemingly with nobility and love also playing their part. Notably, Tetsuya Nomura has stated that his inspirations came from that of William Shakespeare’s, promising us that of a darker, grittier and more grounded world, close to that of our own, and is looking to be Nomura’s most realistic vision of a Final Fantasy to date. Personally, I’m expecting something akin to Romeo and Juliet, though I’m sure the final product will be less predictable and more original, upholding trends with the best Final Fantasy has to offer (which for me, were the stories in FF7, Crisis Core, 8, 9, 10 and 12).

What We Know So Far About Final Fantasy XV - weknowgamers
Looks like one badass cast of characters.
Characters we know of so far:
King Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII – King and father to Noctis.
Noctis Lucis Caelum – Lead protagonist, heir to the throne.
Stella Nox Fleuret – Likely love interest of Noctis, possibly the female Knight.
Gladiolus Amicitia – Close friend of Noctis, protects the Royal family.
Ignus Stupeo Scientia – Close friend of Noctis, Strategist for Royal family.
Prompto Argentum – Foreign Fugitive and childhood friend of Noctis.
Cor Leonis – Head of the Lucis Royal Guard, 1 of the 3 strongest fighters in Lucis.
Idola Eldercapt – An enemy to the Caelum family.
Unnamed Umbrella Man – Looks sly and menacing, possibly a rat.

Locations we know of so far:
Lucis – Inspired by Tokyo, this Nation is both home to royalty and advanced weaponry. Home to Prince Noctis and King Regis.
Accordo – The architecturally beautiful water city that’s been shown in trailers. Inspired by Venice.
Tenebrae – Rumoured to be Stella’s home country.
Solheim – If the name’s anything to go by, possibly a German/Norwegian inspired country.
Niflheim – Not quite Nibelheim of FF7 fame, the Garrison State of Niflheim is an opposing Nation within FF15.

Needless to say, when Final Fantasy XV does finally release, the darker themes surrounding it and the political intrigue within has me curious as to what to expect, but with the inclusion of the world map once more, side quests, drivable cars, airships, mechanoid vehicles, Summons and intimidating, armoured knights reminiscent of those found working alongside the Judges of FF12, I’m hopeful that Final Fantasy XV will make up for the disappointing 13th entry in the series, taking Square to the top of their game once more.

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