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Sean's Game Night: Peace Walker

Sean's Game Night: Peace Walker

Hey there fellow gamers, something a little different here from the usual articles and reviews we've been bringing you lately, recently I made a video with a couple friends playing Peace Walker in preparation for Ground Zeroes which is now widely available.

Rather than do a let's play through the entire game, we carefully selected 2 different missions, one sneaking and the other was one of the more unique missions in the game, a Monster Hunting mission, but I've said too much! Just hit the video below to watch the whole thing.

Feel free to give Sean a sub and a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video, you can see more from Sean Labode over at www.youtube.com/seansgamenight. On a side note, how would you like more video content from us here at We Know Gamers? We've got a project or two in the pipeline so keep your eyes locked here, we should have some things for you soon!

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