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Preview: Ripping Up The Track in MX vs ATV: SuperCross

Preview: Ripping Up The Track in MX vs ATV: SuperCross - weknowgamers

What was once a lost series has now been revived by Nordic Games and is looking better than ever, in the upcoming MX vs ATV SuperCross. Adrenaline fuelled races that test your reactions, balance and skill round the track, but the question here is how does it play out?

Now I’ll be honest here, I am a first time player of the series myself however what I found surprising was how easy it was to pick up and get going. According to the developers the idea behind the actual racing was to add elements of realism, but at the same time keep the arcade feel which blesses games like this with that “fun factor” and it can definitely be felt.

I believe I can fly?
After a brief explanation of the controls because I’m a noob, I was set up into free ride mode which allowed me the chance to have a go around the track. Touching upon the realism aspect from before, one of the new features included separates the weight of the vehicle and rider; therefore it must be controlled separately. At first this may sound daunting, but after a couple of laps it was quite easy to pick up and you understand why this was done when you get into actual races.

Apart from your own actual skill, there are other factors which could affect whether you’re first or last place. To begin with, there are a variety of slopes on every track and depending on how you approach these can result in you advancing quicker, slowing down or completely losing control, something I experienced quite a few times myself. Secondly the marks and skids you leave on the ground do not disappear, showing a level of detail not really seen in games of its type.

Racers tearing up the track.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with MX vs ATV SuperCross and found myself getting further immersed into the game with each new race. The build I played had the AI at maximum; however it was good to hear that there will be varying levels of difficulty to suit the newbies and at the same time, the hardcore that have stayed with the series. I’m happy to hear that local multiplayer was included which should make for some interesting games.

MX vs ATV SuperCross will be releasing on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 August 7th with the PC version to follow a little later on. Are you happy to hear that the series is back? Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Let us know what you think in the comments section below or tweet me - @TheLibanAli

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