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Preview: A Hack And Slash RPG In Lords Of The Fallen

Preview: A Hack And Slash RPG In Lords Of The Fallen - We Know Gamers

Hack and Slash is right, with such a precise combat system, Lords of the Fallen makes getting into a fight fun but can the full package escape its comparisons to the Dark Souls series?

Recently I had the opportunity to preview upcoming title, Lords Of the Fallen by Square Enix and while I myself am not too big on games such as this, I couldn't help but somehow be captivated by it. A mix of strategy, skill and timing makes this title frustratingly fun.

Lords of the Fallen seems to have a mix of everything from all out battles all the way to reserved stealth mode, there looks to be a little something here for everyone. One of the interesting things I found about the game was the way it handles XP that you have earned. Now we all know that if you obtain a butt load of experience, but die further on in the game without saving, you pretty much lose all of it. Lords of the Fallen helps you out a little by having these shards appear at certain locations where you can bank your XP and pretty much save it... nifty right? Maybe not, as the game also bestows higher rewards upon you for the more enemies you kill, so the risk vs reward factor definitely comes into play here. If you die without banking the XP, a ghost will appear where you breathed your last breath which allows you to regain the XP if you can reach it in a certain amount of time.

Yes... I know I look badass.
During my time with the demo I found myself looking for a key to get through a door for a reason I wasn't sure of and while I did manage this incredible feat, waiting for me on the other side was a First Warden of the First Rhogar Lords. Now I wasn't sure what this title meant, however it probably refers to the ranking of this massive beastly boss I was about to face. It was at this moment that we switched from exploration to combat and quite frankly this was my most favourite part.

Combat in its simplest form was pretty much defend against the enemy's attack and thereafter, produce an attack of your own. Now initially the First Warden didn't prove much of a challenge until I started putting the hurt on it. As the player you have your sword with a light and heavy option to attack, along with your shield to block hits and a roll to evade attacks. The shield itself couldn't block everything as there were some attacks that broke through your defence, however like I was advised during the preview, rolling will save your life. The First Warden's attack patterns became harder predict the longer the fight dragged out and the more damage I inflicted on it, so while it was mostly a "to me to you" Chuckle Brothers scenario, I found the battle to be quite a adrenaline rush, something that continued later on.

Its David vs. Goliath right here.
For what it is, Lords of the Fallen innovates a little, but not enough to the point where I fear that it wont be able to escape the comparisons to the Dark Souls games. I guess only time will tell, but for the most part it looks to be a pretty solid package.

Lords of the Fallen has definitely caught my interest and now after experiencing the demo, I wish to further explore the game and see how far I can go. Combat was a lot of fun and while I couldn't beat the second Warden, every defeat just made me want the victory more.

Lords Of The Fallen is scheduled for release on October 28th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so for more information on the game, see the main site here - http://lordsofthefallen.com/agegate

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