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Preview: Next-Gen Wrestling With WWE 2K15

Preview: Next-Gen Wrestling With WWE 2K15 - We Know Gamers

It's truly a next-gen wrestling title and it looks like 2K has stopped at nothing to make sure that WWE 2K15 is the best entry in the franchise to date.

CHOKESLAM, ROCK BOTTOM and OH MY GOD HE'S KILLED HIM! WWE has created many television moments and has grown to be one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world. Now, most of us are not willing to get chucked around in a real ring, luckily for us 2K are bringing are releasing WWE 2K15 which looks to be the first game in the franchise where 2K are leading compared to WWE 14 which was brought over from the now defunct THQ.

Recently I was able to preview the upcoming game, get in a few matches and check out the much talked about My Career mode exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, and boy it didn't disappoint.

So gold, much dust... wow...
What I can understand so far is that its pretty much all about the next gen version, and if you have been missing out on all the screenshots and videos so far, the extra power has definitely helped it improve visually. Models have a lot more detail to them, textures are a lot higher and lighting looks a lot more natural. According to 2K, a lot more animations have been included in this year's offering and it was noticeable during gameplay. Wrestlers were moving and reacting in exactly the same way you would see on its television counterpart, every punch and kick had its own identity to it, so much that I was blown away by the attention to detail and it did truly feel like I was seeing the actual wrestlers in the ring.

So My Career Mode! Now this is something that was almost expected, but at the same time I was hoping they would do it for WWE 2K15 as they did for the NBA franchise. For the first time in a WWE game you can now play as your chosen superstar and take them from their early beginnings at the training facility in Florida, all the way to eventually being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

For the sake of the preview, there were three sections of the Career Mode available. One as a heel, one as a face and lastly starting from the very beginning. The portion I experienced involved me being a face and having just now gotten to the main roster on Monday Night Raw, my first match was against the Big Show... and boy did I get my ass handed to me. During a short presentation before the demo it was noted that depending on how you acted during your career, other superstars would get involved and who else got involved in mine other than... BROCK LESNAR!? The beast himself decided to walk down to the ring, evaded my weak attack and promptly hit me with an F5.

The Viper is here!!
The point here being that on WWE TV, this is usually how most rivalries are set up and it was good to see a stronger focus in that area, what with the 2K Showcase bringing an emphasis to this. It also felt like I was involved in something much bigger that eventually culminated at the next PPV, where I took down Brock Lesnar, but by no means was it easy. These are the kind of situations we should be prepared for along with the moments where we decide the direction we take our character is truly what it means to become a larger than life superstar... and oh did I forget to mention that wrestlers created by your friends can also end up getting involved in your rise to the top? Now that is some serious competition right there!

WWE 2K15 is clearly the best looking game to be offered from the series so far, thanks in part to the power of the new consoles. Visually everything looks a lot more sharper and gameplay in and outside the ring feels a lot more natural as the wrestlers now blend into every motion they do rather than the weird jump here and there that you may have experienced before. I look forward to fully exploring the extensive career mode and one day reaching the hall of fame.

WWE 2K15 is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 28th, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions coming November 21st, so for more information on the game make sure to visit the main site here - http://wwe.2k.com/

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  1. The last game I got was WWE '13 and I was on the fence with this game. Now I've gone back into the house.

    Even as a PS3/PS4/PS Vita owner, I can't be satisfied with great graphics in the absence of tons of options. One thing I liked about the game was the chance to tell my own stories to the highest degree as possible. Seems like this game doesn't allow that. !!!