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Preview: A True Racing Title For The Hardcore In Project Cars

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Quite possibly the hardcore racing title that true fans of the genre have been waiting for! We previewed Project Cars by Bandai Namco.

Vroom vrooom and earrrrrrrrgh... at least that’s what how I imagine the car engine sounds would be spelt, but no I wasn't entering a road junkie's spelling contest; instead I was recently given the opportunity to preview Bandai Namco's upcoming racing title, Project Cars and give it a run around the track.

Project Cars comes at a time where the racing sim area of titles is currently being headed by exclusive giants such as the Gran Turismo and Forza series', not forgetting other similar games being released this year such as Driveclub, Formula One and Ubisoft's, The Crew. With a few already on the way I'm sure that Bandai Namco knew this and had the confidence that it could develop something different or unique compared to its competitors. One good thing is that it will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC which already gives it a boost against the exclusives.

Tight controls and precise driving.
The preview had me speeding around the Silverstone track in a pretty standard F1 race. There were two options for this playthrough either on the PlayStation 4 or PC which so just happened to be using an amazing driving wheel set up complete with a 4K TV, however I didn't let the excitement take over and for the sake of getting through it simply, I went with the PS4 and Dualshock 4 to begin with, but in no way was it "simple".

I found that the PlayStation 4 version played really well and from a visual standpoint, looked amazing also! I didn't encounter any real problems during my spin on the track (other than my own lack of skill), but the great thing is that it felt like the smallest mistake on my part could make the difference between finishing first or losing 10 places in just a few seconds, that's how close it was most of the time. Project Cars is not all about putting your foot down and hoping for the best, its about making smart choices and taking a more methodical approach to a race. When should you brake? When should you accelerate? How to take a turn while being mauled by CPU? These are the kind of things that you should be considering while going through a race. To put things simply, its definitely been developed with the hardcore racing fans in mind, however it isn't so difficult that the beginner couldn't learn how to do well … with enough practice of course.

Project Cars definitely doesn't lack in the visuals department.
While I didn't get too much time on it, the PC version looked absolutely stunning and the 4K screen made it seem even better. Not being too big on racing titles myself, I can see why I would struggle using the driving wheel, however I can also appreciate how amazing the experience itself was, so for those serious about the genre a driving wheel is a must, but chances are you already have one already right?

Project Cars is definitely a solid outing from Bandai Namco and I look forward to trying racing with the other types of vehicles the game has to offer. So far its shaping up to be the racing title that the hardcore have been waiting on for a long time, as the balance seems to have been nailed just right. Project Cars will be released on November 21st for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC, so for more information check out the official website here - http://www.projectcarsgame.com/

The game's release date has now been moved to March 2015.

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