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Final Fantasy XV - New Trailer from Jump Festa 2015!

A new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV (15) was unveiled at Jump Festa 2015!

Final Fantasy Versus XIII 15 - It's been eight years in the making. Some fans believed it to have been cancelled, others denied the possibility of cancellation and there I was, just getting on with my life, eagerly awaiting trailer after trailer, year after year, hoping for an actual (officially confirmed) release date.

Lately though, things have been heating up. We just recently had the E3 2014 gameplay demonstration with English voice acting and now, just released, we have the Jump Festa 2015 trailer and once again, it doesn't look as though it'll disappoint!

Watch the trailer below:

I personally cannot wait for this. The music is very "Kingdom Hearts", the world looks huge in scale, each character seems to have their own unique personalities and motives, and both the gameplay and visuals look absolutely stunning!

I've always been a massive Final Fantasy fan and I'm sticking to my guns in saying this looks to be one of the best games since FF10 and/or 12.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for more info both here and on our Social Network channels, as we continue to cover what looks to be one of the most promising Final Fantasy titles of recent years.

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