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Final Fantasy XV: Pet Simulator

Final Fantasy XV: Pet Simulator - We Know Gamers

So what happen's when you mix Final Fantasy with a pet simulator? You literally get a Final Fantasy XV pet simulator as Square Enix uses this chance to show off their upcoming game.

With simulators being somewhat of a craze lately, Square-Enix have jumped the bandwagon, not to show something in line with Surgeon Simulator or Goat Simulator, but to give us an idea of how Dogs and more recently Cats, are likely to interact within the world of Final Fantasy XV. That and it's a slightly unique way to showcase assets of the game so far.

To clarify, if you haven't already seen it, below is some footage for one of Final Fantasy 15's explorable areas (The City of Lestallum), and featured within is the journey of a very happy dog, exploring this urban setting for most likely the finest Sausage he can source.

If that wasn't enough for you, more recently Square have shown yet another video, this time with a focus on Japan's beloved and most favourite animal, the Neko (cat). Watch below (at the 3:30 mark) as our feline friend explores a grandeur train station, filled with pipes and far too many homeless kitties to feed.

This is all very interesting, but what I'd personally like to see is a new trailer with an official, final release date for the game, accompanied by perhaps even a special Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition PS4. It's unlikely we'd hear of such news at this point. but one can still dream.

Regardless, I actually quite like the fact Square are showcasing areas from an animals perspective. It avoids spoilers and likely lightens the load for those working on the game. It does raise the question of what we should expect next however.

Will we get to see landscapes or cities from a birds-eye view? One can only imagine the grand misadventures of the mighty Japanese Scops Owl. Whatever the case, Final Fantasy XV is happening and it looks to be a hoot!

Hoot hoot... ok stop staring at me!
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