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Final Fantasy XV: Summoning Ramuh

Final Fantasy XV: Summoning Ramuh - We Know Gamers

Fans of Final Fantasy 7 should remember Ramuh quite well and it appears that he's made a solid return to the series, now coming in at around 500 feet tall and absolutely decimating a Behemoth!

With the demo of Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae having just been released, it's no surprise to see a sudden influx of gameplay videos for Square's upcoming and most ambitiously grandeur title. What is surprising however, is the fact that players have access to Summoning within the demo, and the scale of such a sight is incredible!

I personally wasn't a fan of the FFXIII series. The games left a lot to be desired and a lot of fans were put off by the linearity of at least the first of the three titles, so this may end up having a negative impact on the sales of Final Fantasy XV, but my hopes have been high for Versus turned XV since day one.

It looks to be the Final Fantasy fans have hoped for and deserve, and is likely to be the most ambitious FF title to date.

I personally love what I've seen so far. The characters look great, the setting creates intrigue, locations appear to be beautifully detailed and the music sounds incredible. Even if Final Fantasy 15 gets delayed for another year (this hasn't been stated, so don't panic), I feel the wait will ultimately be worth it and am looking forward to getting a full hands on with the title myself!

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