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Legendary Anime Characters Go To Battle In J Stars Victory VS+

Legendary Anime Characters Go To Battle In J Stars Victory VS+ - We Know Gamers

Legendary anime characters go to battle against each other to find out who the strongest really is! Luffy vs Goku? Or how about Naruto vs Gintoki? All this and more is possible.

For those who don't know, J Stars Victory VS+ is comprised of the legendary characters that have graced the pages of Japan's weekly manga magazine, Shonen Jump. Characters from famous series such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto and Bleach to name a few, its truly a battle of the best, but can such a thing be really put together?... well yes it can.

Looks like Naruto was captured by Boa Hancock.

With a game like this it kind of speaks for itself and a narrative would generally not be necessary, however Bandai Namco has gone the extra mile to somehow give a reason for these icons to appear in the same place... of course with a tournament. This is seen through Jump World which has you play through the perspective of four characters and experience the adventure from their end. The nostalgia is big here as you'll be visiting familiar places such as Alabasta from One Piece, the hidden leaf village from Naruto and planet Namek from Dragon Ball Z. For what it is, it seems to work pretty well and along with the main missions there are also an abundance of side quests you can do which takes you all over the world map.

So for the part that matters the most, the actual fighting itself. Well it takes place in 3D arenas, so think the current crop of Dragon Ball Z titles minus the flying and hey, you have J Stars Victory VS+. Every character retains their special moves such as Goku's Kamehameha Wave and Luffy's Gear Second, along with being able to pull off some of the most insane specials once your voltage meter hits max... yes I'm looking at you Luffy.

During my time with the demo I experienced 2 vs.2 and 3 vs. 3 battles which in this case, the third person is a support character that can be called in for assistance. Once used, it takes a little time before you can call them again, but when it does happen it usually develops into an all out brawl to the point that you really can't tell what side you're being hit from unless you stay on your toes. Nothing that really dampens it for me as it only replicates some of the over the top fights we see from some of these series.

A classic battle here on planet Namek... with a special guest?

Being a pretty big fan of many of these series, J Stars Victory VS+ is a game I already want to get my hands on, if not for the nostalgia, but also to see my favourite characters duke it out on screen. The gameplay itself is pretty fun and the amount of destruction that is caused in the arenas can make the fights seem truly epic. Want to create your ultimate manga superstar team? Well you now can.

J Stars Victory VS+ is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita June 26th, so for more info, screenshots or videos on the game, visit the main site here http://www.jstarsgame.com/en/

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