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The Nintendo E3 2015 Round-Up

The Nintendo E3 2015 Round-Up - We Know Gamers

If you've always though the people at Nintendo were a bunch of muppets, maybe you was right! While everyone else is standing on stage in front of a crowd, Nintendo pull something unique out the bag once again with their Digital Event, and we've got all the news for you right here

StarFox Zero
It's been a long time coming but we're finally getting a new StarFox game! StarFox Zero will play a little different from older games, using the Wii U Gamepad screen as a cockpit view of your Arwing, you use the gyroscopes to aim where you want to fire your lasers, this gives the TV screen a more traditional third person view of your ship. This way you can have cinematics showing off all the action on the big screen, but precision aiming with the pad. You can flip the ship around with simple stick controls as well. Your Arwing can also transform in Zero, by turning into what looks similar to an AT-AT from Star Wars, you can stomp around at ground level and attack your objectives in a completely different way. The Land Master Tank also has a couple of transformation modes too, a helicopter for gliding and jet boosters for quicker flying over difficult terrain.

StarFox Zero is due in December 2015.

The feels...THE FEELS! Get me back in an Arwing NOW!

Skylanders Superchargers
It seems Activison and Nintendo have been swapping notes about tiny plastic figures as Donkey Kong and Bowser are going to be exclusive to the Nintendo versions of Skylanders Superchargers. A special thing about these Skylanders, is that the base can be twisted round to turn them into Amiibos as well.

While it's not the Wii U Zelda we've all been hoping for, Tri Force Heroes for 3DS seems like a throwback to Four Swords. You and two friends can team up either locally or online, to tackle dungeons in new ways, such as putting your friends on your shoulders to make a totem pole and then using your new height to get to higher areas or hit a bosses weak spot. You can also change outfits to earn special properties such as a bomb costume which lets you throw massive bombs or a lucky jester outfit that lets you avoid damage, you can even have Link wear Zelda's dress. You can also play single player where your two other players are replaced with dolls that you can switch between.

Tri Force Heroes will be available in Autumn 2015.
The leaks about Hyrule Warriors also turned out to be true, the 3DS is getting a reimagined version of the Wii U game, I presume that means levels and enemy counts could be pared down slightly to accommodate the smaller screens. The 3DS game will however feature all the existing DLC characters as well as some new ones from the Wind Waker series, Tetra and the King of Red Lions have both been confirmed.

Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS is currently set for a Q1 2016 release.

Not quite what I was hoping for in a Metroid game, but I'll take whatever I can get. Federation Force is a 3DS game set in the Metroid Prime universe and allows 4 players to team up to take down some of the larger monsters that inhabit the vast landscape. There's also a game type called Blast Ball, with some 3 on 3 sporting action, you use you blaster to fire a large sphere into the opposing teams goal.
Federation Force will be available in 2016.

Bounty hunting has never looked this adorable

Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Just a short trailer for the latest Fire Emblem, which is now titled Fire Emblem Fates. We covered more of this in a previous Direct which you can find here

Also shown was the Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem cross over game, again, just another new trailer here and a 2016 release window. If you're into some happy J-Pop then you should enjoy this one.

Again just another trailer here for Xenoblade X, game looks incredible with its huge sprawling worlds and giant mechs to battle, I'm really feeling it! The only new info here is a release date which is December 4th 2015.
Huge mechs and space whales, what more could you ask for?

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
A couple of new AC games here, first up is 3DS game Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, rather than move into a new town and decorate your own house, here you're a town designer, moving new animals into their homes and decorating them as you see fit. The new Animal Crossing Amiibo cards work in this game, bringing in specific characters to your town as well as new items to decorate with.

Happy Home Designer will be available on September 25th 2015.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival
Amiibo Festival is a new title for the Wii U using the just announced Animal Crossing Amiibo. Isabelle, Tom Nook, Digby, Mabel, K.K. Slider, Reese, Cyrus and Lottie will be getting figurine forms of Amiibo rather than the previously announced AC Amiibo cards. As for the game itself, Amiibo Festival is a board game, not too dissimilar in design to Mario Party, but it seems it doesn't have the friendship ruining games in it.

Amiibo Festival is set for a Winter 2015 release.
This is all I've ever wanted from an Amiibo

Yoshi's Woolly World
Yoshi's latest solo outting is adorable and looks really fun to play. With difficulties ranging from really easy to difficult if you try to collect everything in the game. Some Amiibo news for the game is that any of your current Amiibo you use, will give yarn Yoshi a new coat of paint to match the Amiibo that you have scanned in.

Yoshi's Woolly World will be released on October 16th 2015.

Yo-Kai Watch
Based on the popular manga and anime, Yo-kai Watch has you collections get monsters to do battle with other monsters. Yo-kai Watch is due in Winter 2015.
Two Mario worlds collide in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam for 3DS, taking cues from you guessed it, Paper Mario and the Mario & Luigi games. By combining both series, Paper Jam brings all the unique puzzles and gameplay in one package. You can even do battle on a large scale by making giant papercraft versions of your player to battle oversized goombas and the like.

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is due to release in Spring 2015.

Mario Tennis
Mario and friends are serving up a new game for the Wii U, bringing the over the top tennis action that the series is known for. With power ups that make your player grow to huge sizes, so you can really smash the ball around the court.

Super Mario Maker
Mario Maker has had a Super upgrade, albeit in name only. With the tools to make your own Mario game coming to the Wii U, there's a whole load of things being done that even Nintendo haven't put into Mario games before. Certain Amiibos can also be used with the game, collect a mystery mushroom and Mario will transform into one of your Amiibo characters such as Link, Marth, Luigi or even the Wii Fit Trainer! Along with the game, a new 8-bit style Mario Amiibo will be released, using this in game will double the size of Mario for you to jump around in the game with. The boxed version of the game will even come with a booklet with lots of ideas for you to use if you decide to.

Super Mario Maker will be available on 11th September 2015.

Nintendo's full E3 Digital Event can be seen right here, if you want to watch the whole thing for yourself.

Did you enjoy Nintendo's Digital Event? How about them puppets huh? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @chaosriotzero

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