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Pokkén Tournament Coming To Wii U

Pokkén Tournament Coming To Wii U - We Know Gamers

Pokkén Tournament is finally stepping outside of Japanese arcades and is headed to Wii U's everywhere, and I for one am super happy about it.

Pokkén Tournament was officially announced way back in August 2014 as an arcade exclusive, the game then hit Japanese arcades in July. Now we finally have the news all Pokémon fans have been waiting for, the game is headed to Wii U for a Worldwide Spring 2016 launch.

If you've not seen Pokkén before, it's an arena style beat em up with Pokémon contenders. Already in the arcade version, and confirmed for the Wii U version are Charizard, Pikachu, Machamp, Gengar, Suicune, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Lucario and Weavile, it's a fairly good range from the first 4 Generations of Pokémon titles. New for the Wii U game is Cosplay Pikachu from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, making an appearance in the adorable Pikachu Libre outfit.

While it's not a huge roster of fighters, there is a lot of variety in the types, and there's always room for more to be added before it's Spring release next year. Personally I think Hawlucha would be a great fit for the game, and I'd love to see Sableye in there as well. Let us know who you'd like to see in the comments section!

As well as playable characters, there is a lot of back up Pokémon you can call in to aid you in battle. In the video below you can see Fennekin, Emolga and Snivy in action as they throw out some of their special moves. For those with an eagle eye, there is also plenty of Pokémon hanging around in the background, I spotted Chansey, Swak, Mudkip, Wobbuffet, Plusle, Minum and a whole bunch more. See any of your favourites?

So what do you think of Pokkén Tournament? Excited for a console version or would you rather play it on an arcade cabinet? Which Pokémon do you want to see in the game? Let us know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter @ChaosRiotZero

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