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Xbox Gamescom Conference 2015

Gamescom is upon us once again, and while we've only just got over E3, we're super pumped for more game announcements! Luckily Microsoft haven't disappointed as they've pulled even more out the bag, let me break it down for you.

Quantum Break
We kick off with Remedy's latest game, Quantum Break is all about time manipulation and honestly, it looks incredible! As well as the game, Remedy are going to combine the game plot, with an ingame live action show, to expand on the whole Quantum Break universe. The game follow's time manipulator Jack Joyce, played by Shawn Ashmore of X-Men fame, and the show is about the games villains.

Quantum Break is set for an April 5th 2016 launch.

Crackdown 3
I never really got into Crackdown, most people picked it up for the Halo 3 beta, but I didn't play it until it came out for free on Games with Gold for the 360. Crackdown 3 has me sold, with it's fully destructible city it looks like pure chaos as building debris rain from the skies. I've not seen destruction like this since Red Faction Guerilla. Battlefield 4 had a go, but nowhere near this scale.
Crackdown 3's multiplayer looks set for Summer 2016

Ever wanted to fight alongside a massive dragon? Sure you have! Platinum Games are bringing their latest hack and slash exclusively to Xbox One. Scalebound has you travel through an open world with a giant winged beast at your side. You play as Drew, who also has some Dragon style to his character, as his right arm is covered in scales. He even transforms into full dragon armour during a fight with a giant enemy. There's also some 4 player co-op, each player brings their own creature with them for some epic battles.

Scalebound is due Winter 2016

Killer Instinct
Back at E3, Killer Instinct was announced to be coming to Windows 10 as well as Xbox One, and that cross play between platforms will be a thing. Even more news is that the roster is set to expand even further, with Season 3 content hitting both platforms in March next year. As well that, guest character Rash from Battletoads will be dropping in to kick some butt. If you bought any Killer Instinct content or Rare Replay, you'll be able to test Rash now before he becomes available to everyone next year.

Puttin' the boot in!

Kickstarter success story Bloodstained is headed to Xbox One and Windows 10 along with crossplay between both platforms. The spiritual successor to Castlevania is also bringing some new content to the game, a new currently unnamed, dual sword wielding hunter will be playable, in a story set 10 years before the events of the main Bloodstained game.

Wonder if he's a Belmont...

ID @ Xbox
Indie Games are inbound for both Xbox One and Windows 10, there's a ton of them coming so I suggest you just watch the clip below for the full round up.

Xbox Game Preview
Xbox and Windows 10 are getting more preview games that you can test out at a discounted price before the full games release. Sheltered is a post apocalyptic bomb shelter simulator, best of all it's dropping onto Xbox One today! Imagine Fallout Shelter, but a bit grittier and you're pretty much there. Also coming soon is yet another survival crafting game, but this one has dinosaurs. Ark Survival Evolved is joining the preview line up this winter, with the full game coming next year. Finally, We Happy Few seems to be a disturbing take on jolly old England, with people wearing creepy facemasks as they go about their business of trying to kill you.

Mojang popped up on stage for a bit, and while I feared they'd harp on about Minecraft again, they actually announced a brand new title named Cobalt. A 2D multiplayer shooter with some neat features such as slowing down time and deflecting bullets back at your enemies. Seems like an interesting twist on the arena deathmatch game. Unsurprisingly it's an Xbox Exclusive, and it's due out in October this year.

Dark Souls 3
Praise the sun that Dark Souls is back again! I tried to watch the trailer, but even that proved difficult as it killed me 7 times. I'm not really into Dark Souls as a game, but visually the bosses are pretty interesting to look at. I'm sure they are getting prepped to destroy you repeatedly over and over again.

Homefront The Revolution
American has been taken over by a foreign power, and it's up to a resistance group to take the country back. Gameplay demos show on the fly gun customisation, letting you switch out different stocks, barrels, scopes and ammo clips to better suit your play style. There's also some neat gadgets at your disposal, such as RC cars with bombs strapped to them. With a multiplayer beta coming this winter, and Xbox players having early access to it, you'll soon be able to try it out for yourself.

If you're into kicking the old leather ball around the pitch, here's some news just for you. FIFA 16 is bringing ladies to the beautiful game, as well as new content to the Ultimate Team modes to make your dream squad even better. Playing on EA Access will also have exclusive deals on FUT game content.

There's also a FIFA Xbox One bundle coming out alongside the game, so if you've yet to pick up a console, you can get some extra perks along with the box. 2 different offers are a 500GB Xbox One, with 1 month of EA Access and 3 Loan Legends, or the slightly more expensive 1TB Xbox One with a whole year of free EA Access and 3 Loan Legends.

FIFA 16 and the Xbox One FIFA bundle are available September 16th 2015.

Halo 5 Guardians
I'm a massive fan of Master Chief, but this just sucked for me. Showcasing a clutchtastic eSport game of capture the flag, with pretty much every players using the crazy powerful pistol, Halo 5 Guardians multiplayer is looking pretty slick. If you played the beta you'd already know that though. There's also going to be a Halo World Championship, so dust up your skills and maybe you could win a load of cash. More importantly, there's a special Halo 5 Xbox One coming, with a 1TB hard drive with the game preinstalled so you're ready to go on day one.

Halo 5 Guardians is out October 27th 2015.

Just Cause 3
Rico is back to blow up everything and zip around with that crazy grapplehook. Nothing new here though, just a shit ton of explosions that would put Michael Bay to shame.
Just Cause 3 hits shelves December 1st 2015.

Forza 6
Cars, cars, and cars, over 450 of them to be more precise, and in multiplayer, you can race 24 of them at the same time on dedicated servers. Forza 6 is bringing the English weather with it, as it's apparently all about the wet stuff.

Forza 6 is coming September 15th 2015.

Rainbow 6 Siege
While you may have seen that poor suburban house get destroyed in the E3 showings of Rainbow 6 Siege, here we witness a ship in a German dockyard get, as the kids would say...RECKT. If you pay close attention, you can also see a lady rocking up to the party in some heavy duty Polizei body armour. I'm hoping there's a lot of character customising in Siege, as I like to look dapper when I take on some would be terrorists. It's also been said before, but if you get Rainbow 6 Siege on Xbox One, you'll also get a backward compatible copy of both Xbox 360 classics, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2.
Rainbow 6 Siege is busting onto Xbox on October 13th 2015.

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Lara does a bit of sneaking, but then goes on a full on murder spree in the latest Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay teaser. Gone are the days of regretful killing for her own survival, Ms Croft seems to have had some training from Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, as she runs about double head shotting bad guys, and stabbing people left and right. There was also a second trailer of Lara having a poke around some actual tombs, something the last game was severely lacking.
Get ready to raid some tombs on November 13th 2015.

Halo Wars 2
From out of nowhere, comes a follow up to the Halo strategy game Halo Wars. Bringing back some of that sweet multitasking, base building, resource farming goodness, Halo Wars 2 is making it's return. Other than a short teaser, there's not a whole lot to go on, hopefully we'll get more details soon.

It wasn't all game news though, also announced was TV DVR, soon you'll be able to record TV programs straight to your Xbox One to view whenever you like. There was also a chatpad announced, just plug it into the underside of your Xbox One pad for a full keyboard for easy typing. There's also buttons for recording gameplay and screenshots. The Chatpad will be available in November.

So there we have it, the full run down of what you can expect for the coming year on Xbox One and Windows 10. You can check out the full conference for yourself right here, the show actually begins around 16 minutes in.

What did you think of the conference? Good time to be an Xbox player or are you still waiting for something more? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on twitter @ChaosRiotZero

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