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3 Third Sequels I Would Rather Have Than Half Life 3

3 Third Sequels I Would Rather Have Than Half Life 3 - We Know Gamers

Half Life 3 has become a bit of an Internet joke, everyone seems to be clamouring to play it by constantly confirming its existence, despite the fact that it's not even been announced, here are three sequels I'd rather see, than Half Life 3.

Zone of the Enders 3
With all the news of Kojima's fall out with Konami, it is looking more and more likely that we will never see another Zone of the Enders. Other than the blue Wisp arm variant that Big Boss is rocking, and that new Metal Gear in MGS V: The Phantom Pain looking more like Jehuty than the traditional walking battle tanks, we've not seen anything from the giant space robots. Maybe the best we can hope for now is for Kojima to do a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor, just like Igarashi did with Bloodstained, or Inafune with Mighty Number 9. I can't see Konami doing anything with it seeing as they seem to be making everything into pachinco machines now. Sad times.

Zone of the Enders was everything I ever wanted in a mech hack and slash em up game. Swooping around at breakneck speeds, chopping up other robots and shooting hundreds of missiles from my giant metal finger tips was just a shear delight. The Second Runner continued with the lightning fast sword swiping and then everything space robots went dark. The closest thing we got to it was Metal Gear Rising, a game where you play as a robot man and chop up enemies with lightning fast sword action.

If you've never played Zone of the Enders, I highly recommend picking up the HD collection for PS3 or Xbox 360 and give it a whirl.

Portal 3
Okay Valve fans, don't think I'd give you the complete cold shoulder, Portal and it's cleverly named sequel, Portal 2, are both in my massive list of favourite games ever. GLaDOS is the robot overlord that throws you into test camber after test camber, making you work for your freedom by using the Portal Gun. This special weapon fires two different coloured portals onto most surfaces, and allows you to walk into one portal and come out of the other, sounds simple but it is super addictive trying to work out the environmental puzzles.

Portal 2 brought a co-op mode to the game as well and it makes everything even more challenging as you have 4 portals to deal with, and you need to rely on your partner to help you rather then launch you to your death. The likelihood of seeing a Portal 3 any time soon is slim to none seeing as Valve don't seem to do 3's, but I still have my fingers crossed that we get something on Xbox One and PS4 even if it is just a definitive edition.

Shenmue 3
Shenmue was one of those greats that the Dreamcast had, such an awesome console way ahead of it's time. It's where I first experienced online gaming seeing as I have never really been a PC person. Phantasy Star Online was my jam back in the day, I would sit on that for hours, at least until we had a phone call and my 56K dial up Internet would cut out! Back to the game in hand though, Shenmue was something special, you could see it was different from everything else out there, the fact it was based in an actual place in 1980's Japan with weather effects, a day and night cycle, QTE's before they became a thing, the arcade with old Sega titles, and the combat system. This may all sound rather pedestrian now, but at the time it was revolutionary.

Shenmue was a revenge story at heart, you play as Ryo Hazuki, when returning to the family dojo, you find a Chinese man named Lan Di arguing with your father Iawa Hazuki, he's looking for a stone artifact called the Dragon Mirror. After Alan Di threatens to kill you, Iawa tells him it's buried under the cherry blossom tree in the garden, and then Lan Di straight up murders your dad. You go about your daily life looking for your fathers killer and try to find out why the Dragon Mirror is so important. The game leads you around the small village of Yokosuka and has you do other things such as get a job at the harbour driving a fork lift truck, buying tiny capsule toys, and beating up ruffians. A sequel was released on both Dreamcast and the original Xbox which had Ryo travel to Hong Kong still chasing after Lan Di. Unfortunately Shenmue didn't sell as well as Sega expected and we never got the end of the story which would have been in the planned third instalment.

Truth be told, I've had this article in my head for a while, and then at E3 this year, the Shenmue 3 bombshell dropped during the Playstation Conference. I was all ready to empty my wallet and buy a PS4, and that's when they announced the Kickstarter campaign. I am not sure why, but that rubbed me the wrong way. I'm all for crowd funding a game, but with Sony behind the game I didn't really get why they had to do a Kickstarter in the first place. Suffice to say, I didn't actually put any money down but it turns out I didn't need to anyway, as it broke the record for most funded Kickstarter campaign with over 6.3 million dollars raised! Not a bad chunk of change, I'll pick it up when it hits the shelves.

So what do you make of our round up of threequels? Got a suggestion for one you'd like to see? You can tweet me @chaosriotzero and tell me how right or wrong I was, oh yeah, and I guess this also means...Half Life 3 confirmed! Let us know in the comments below, or over at our social media channels.

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