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Why You Should Play Gravity Rush On PlayStation 4

Why You Should Play Gravity Rush - We Know Gamers

Gravity Rush. Originally released in 2012, now finds itself coming to the PlayStation 4 and you should definitely pick it up.

Gravity Rush originally saw the light of day in 2012, however it being a PlayStation Vita exclusive meant that a lot of people unfortunately missed out on it (shame on you for not buying a Vita…). Many of whom that did play it considered it arguably the first must-play game on the handheld, which is why news of an upcoming remaster and sequel on the PlayStation 4 has been met with a warm reception.

When looking at and playing Gravity Rush for the first time, the first word that comes to mind is…unique. Visually, it stands out right away. I mean we’ve seen tons of games utilise cel shading before, however it’s the lighting in Gravity Rush that helps take it to an even more beautiful level. Seeing the sun come down as the sky glows a vibrant orange is particularly stunning.

And yet it isn’t just the game’s aesthetic that’s unique, as the gameplay is unlike a lot of what we see today on the market. The game is based around the protagonist Kat’s ability to control gravity, which allows her to not only fly through the air, but also walk on walls and attack enemies from damn near any angle she pleases. Such an unprecedented mechanic could have quite easily turned out a mess, however it ended up working extremely well on the Vita (helped additionally by the handheld’s screen tilting feature). As the game makes the jump to PS4, I have no doubts that the control scheme will transition well, plus it’ll be interesting to see if Bluepoint Games (the studio in charge of the PS4 version) use the DualShock 4’s light bar/touch pad to add further innovation to the game’s controls.

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When's the last time you saw a beautiful green sky

The plot of Gravity Rush follows Kat, a girl that’s lost her memory, making her almost like an avatar for the player as we are right there with her when she first gains the power to control gravity. While the plot is nothing special right off the bat, the incredibly likable Kat really adds to the plot. She has this unique (there’s that word again) charm to her, where it’s a delight seeing her learn about the world she’s awoken in.

Little information has been revealed for Gravity Rush 2 so far; however we do know that Kat will find herself in a remote village and without access to her powers early on in the game. We can also be sure that the game is going to look gorgeous, with Project Siren hopefully taking advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4.

If you’ve never played Gravity Rush and own a PlayStation 4, definitely keep an eye on the remaster when it's released next February. It’s a game with some extraordinary aspects, and I do hope that both the remaster (and its sequel) get the attention they deserve.

Have you ever played Gravity Rush? If so, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on twitter -@KingKicks

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