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New Characters Join The Fight In One Piece: Burning Blood

New Characters Join The Fight In One Piece: Burning Blood - We Know Gamers

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently revealed a few new characters that would be joining the roster of upcoming title, One Piece: Burning Blood. 

The new characters are Franky, Zoro, X Drake and Aokiji, along with a look at the the Alubarna and Shandora Stages. 

X Drake: Once a Marine, the infamous X Drake went rogue and became a pirate! With a legendary Zoan Devil fruit, no one can ignore his strong fighting abilities and monstrous form. 

Franky: Known for his mechanic skills, Franky the Cyborg is behind the amazing Thousand Sunny. With sly attacks hidden all over his form, a strong resistance and unique behaviour, Franky will find his fans for sure! 

Zoro: A swordsman who made a promise... The vice-captain of the Mugiwara Pirates might have a terrible sense of direction but this is easily counter-balanced by his unique 3 swords fighting style! Being among the 11 suoernova is not a coincidence, watch out for his swift moves. 

Aokiji: From Admiral to wanderer: the ice fruit bearer is no ones ally... Abilities based on ice, a large range of skills and combos; Aokiji will shatter his enemies in the field! 

Luffy 2 years after: After losing his brother, the training with Rayleigh over 2 years was no easy task! With a whole new set of attacks, Luffy will take on his enemies and show is explosive strength!

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