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Sparrow Racing Headed to Destiny

Sparrow Racing Headed to Destiny - We Know Gamers

Something I've wanted ever since Destiny first appeared was to race Sparrows, the little floaty speeder bikes that your Guardian has been able to ride around on since the game launched over a year ago.

Well it seems my wish for some high speed shenanigans has finally been granted as Sparrow racing is set to land December 8th, just in time for the weekly update and is running for 3 weeks. Sparrow races can be played with up to 6 racers at a time so grab your Raiding party and blast your way through special tracks on both Mars and Venus. 

Mars offers a more tradition circuit race, doing laps of the patrol routes while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Venus is a more difficult track as you descend down a step sloped track, when you eventually reach the bottom, you get teleported back to the top for the next lap. Tracks are also littered with short cuts as well as boost gates, driving through these will give you that extra bit of speed to take the front of the pack! Both tracks look really fun to blast around on and I can't wait to get stuck in.

Dibs on the purple one!

There's plenty of prizes on offer for those that put in some race time, with unique armour sets that look more streamlined for that full on racing look, as well as the new design of the Sparrow which comes in a variety of flavours to suit all your customisation needs. The racing bikes are a mix of trick and speed focused Sparrows, the ViDoc below shows racers doing some sweet flips as they go across some of the massive jumps so if you never got one of those trick Sparrows last year, now you can finally grab one for yourself. There's also some new outfits that are perfect for racing in, but not so great in actual combat.

Now all we need is something to do with our spaceships other than looking pretty while floating in orbit.

Looking forward to some racing or are you only interested in the loot? What else would you like added to Destiny? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on twitter @ChaosRiotZero

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