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Bayonetta and Corrin Join Smash Bros This Week

Bayonetta and Corrin Join Smash Bros This Week - We Know Gamers

We've known for a while that Bayonetta won the Smash Bros Ballot, but now we have a date for when she and Corrin of Fire Emblem Fates will be added to the roster, February 4th is the day to look forward to!

Bayonetta will run you £5.39 on a single format, or £6.29 if you get her on both Wii U and 3DS. She also comes with a new stage based on the Umbra Clock Tower. Corrin is slightly cheaper as there's no new stage, £4.49 for a single platform and £5.39 on both.

Check out the video to see the two final DLC characters squaring off against each other!

There's also a number of Mii Fighter outfits coming too. Brawlers are getting Bionic Helmet and Armour, as well as a Knuckles outfit, 3 new Sowrdfighter outfits in the forms of Takamaru and Ashley's outfits and respective wigs to complete the look, and Gil's Helmet and Armour, and for Gunner's there's a Tails outfit and hat, now you can make the Sonic Heroes Team!

Here's a new Mii Fighter video showcasing the latest outfits in all their glory.

Personally I'm going to be picking up both characters, I'm not to fussed with the Mii Fighters anymore now that I have the Monster Hunter armour for them. What will you be getting if anything?  Looking forward to Bayonetta being added or are you disappointed your choice didn't win the ballot? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on twitter @ChaosRiotZero

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