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E3 2016 - Microsoft Press Conference

E3 2016 - Microsoft Press Conference - We Know Gamers

See all the reveals from the Microsoft E3 2016 press conference which was took place in Los Angeles!

Something that was also announced, but had no trailer was Project Scorpio, the upgrade to the original Xbox One. Six teraflops of power means easy 4K gaming and a clear VR experience.

Xbox One S Announcement Trailer

Xbox Design Lab Trailer

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Trailer

Killer Instinct General RAAM Announcement

Forza Horizon 3 Trailer

ReCore Gameplay Trailer

Dead Rising 4 Announcement Trailer

Scalebound Multiplayer Trailer

Sea of Thieves Gameplay Trailer

State Of Decay 2 Trailer

Halo Wars 2 Trailer

Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Trailer

ID@Xbox Trailer

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