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Berserk - New Screenshots and a Petition to make the 2016 Animé Better!

I'm sure by now many of you will know I'm incredibly excited for the new Berserk title by KOEI/Tecmo and Omega Force.

I've been covering this for a while now, was quick off the draw, calling it during E3 and have since then shared most of my opinions on the series with you all. Now however, I have an update for you with new Screenshots featuring Serpico and Schierke, along with a petition I created in an attempt to reach out to Kentaro Miura himself (the creator of Berserk), in the hope that we as fans can come together to make a difference in getting the Animé back on point.

The link to my petition and screenshots can all be seen below:

No more 3D CGI. Let's bring back the 2D animation!

Are you looking forward to KOEI's Berserk Musou title? Have your doubts? Let us know in the comments below or follow me on Twitter @CaptainCortez!

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