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New Details Revealed for WWE 2K17's Universe Mode

In a new blog post on the WWE 2K website, we get a few more details in regards to what we can expect from Universe Mode this year!

The mode itself has been given a new look and feel which is meant to put an emphasis on the shows themselves.

There are many ways players can set up their own Universe. You might want to rearrange things to have your favorite Superstars as the champions in your own fantasy WWE Universe or maybe relive the past with our roster of WWE Legends in a retro Universe. Or maybe you want to create your own promotion with your own custom Superstars? It’s hard to choose just one style to play, so we’re making it easier by giving you three save slots this year! Now you’ll have the freedom to bounce back and forth between different Universe styles without losing your work each time.

To see the full breakdown of WWE 2K17's Universe Mode, check out the blog here - https://wwe.2k.com/news/wwe-2k17-universe-mode

See screenshots below! (Click to enlarge)

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