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Mark McMorris Infinite Air Showcases Custom Courses

Create and share custom courses with the new World Editor in the upcoming Mark McMorris Infinite Air!

The World Editor feature used in Infinite Air builds upon the same proven concept as HB Studios’ highly successful title, The Golf Club. Thousands and thousands of user-generated courses will serve as the foundation for Infinite Air’s competitive atmosphere. At launch, the World Editor will offer over 100 items that can be used to create distinctive runs, using a variation of ramps, rails and pipes – anything to suit the players’ mind.

Players will explore a vast backcountry across massive procedurally generated mountains and compete against friends, building and riding their own terrain parks and carving first tracks in pristine powder. Staying true to its name, the game provides near infinite options to create and share players’ ultimate runs with others around the world. Top trending runs will also be highlighted in the game as well as a leaderboard showcasing the highest scoring riders. Leaning into the creativity of the gaming community ensures that no mountain range will ever be the same.

The World Editor feature in Infinite Air guarantees that players who are looking for a fresh and new experience will have everything they need at their disposal to create a course amplified for their own style.

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