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Last Fight Review

Last fight is a 3D arena brawler that has you put up your fists and duke it out... along with using weapons, power ups and turning into beats to gain the upper hand.

Last Fight has you duke it out in a 3D arena that ranges from a boxing gym, to the beach and even a high class suite on the top floor of the tallest building. Attacks differ from light and heavy, with the option to create combos with multiple button presses.

You can also use the items in the stage against your opponent. These range from simple furniture such as chairs, all the way to a missile launcher that locks on and sends multiple missiles at them, and oh did I mention that it tracks you.

One of the big ways to get the upper hand on your opponent is through the use of these orange like fruit that you can collect as it spawns randomly. Once you collect three, you can turn into one of the beast transformations which as you probably guessed it, deals quite a bit of damage. The good thing here is that its slightly balanced as you can still take damage, without the knock off effect. The transformation you get also depends on the stage you play on.

In the story mode you can play as either Richard or Duke, two gym buddies that look to take down an evil organisation that is producing drugs Anitrans that physically changes people. After your friend Tomie gets captured, you go on a globetrotting adventure to save her and get to the bottom of the drug trade. As you would expect, this adventure would have you take on each of the fighters in the roster, including a secret boss. The story reminds me of the cheesy buddy movies, so its not to be taken seriously.

Other modes included in the game are Versus, Ranked, Endless and Pinball with each slightly varying from the other. Other than Versus where you can fight locally with a second player, the rest of the modes is only against the A.I., most confusingly with Ranked as its an offline mode.

In Ranked you fight offline opponents to earn points and fight your way up a ladder. I was quite confused as to whether this was an in game ranking system that was decided before hand or am I actually fighting player characters that have been downloaded to the console.

Pinball is probably the most interesting mode for not just the game itself, but for beat em ups in general. Actual attacks won't do any damage, instead the only way to take down the opponent is to launch pinballs at them.. yeah seriously, that's how you win. There are several pinballs placed on the screen at the beginning of the match and once things get going, you attack each one to send it bouncing around the stage. It can get quite frantic, however it wasn't really a mode that I could get into,

Overall Last Fight is a fun beat em up that can get pretty crazy depending on the stage you are playing on. It does enough for those not too familiar with its mechanics to pick up and play, while at the same time, includes extra features to allow the more advanced to have some serious matches.

I'm not too sold on Pinball and an online Ranked would be really cool, however I'm sure this can be added in the future and if it is, will open up a whole new world for the title.

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