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Preview: Hands On With Anki Overdrive

We got to go hands on with the future of RC car racing with ANKI Overdrive! But what is the technology powering it?

ANKI Overdrive is an app controlled AI racing game which gives you control of a small RC car. Its fairly easy to play as it utilises an app that you can download to compatible IOS or Android devices.

The idea behind it was a combination of both Mario Kart and Scalextric. You can choose from a variety of different cars as you race and battle against other players or the AI itself. Each individual vehicle can be levelled up, along with equipping weapons and abilities to help you get one over on your opponent. Modes vary from classic races, time trials and even King of the Hill!

Abilities include radio jamming, nitro boosts, gravity traps and even a tractor beam to pull rival cars
closer to you.

The vehicles each have a small infra-red camera which is attached on the botttom. These read the infra-red codes hidden within the track. When you begin a new race you are required to have the vehicles run a lap around the track once, this helps it remember the twists and turns.

It's a shame that you don't have full control of the car's movements, however you are able to determine its speed, weapons and which lane it goes into. This is all done within the app as it includes a simple layout of one lever and buttons. The lever controlling the speed and the additional buttons controlling your abilities and weapons.

What makes ANKI Overdrive unique is its ease of play and simple assembly. There is some strategy around it as each individual vehicle is different in stats and so thinking about what you should equip to help the vehicle perform at its best is a huge factor.

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