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PC Gamer Weekender Highlights

I recently had the chance to attend the PC Gamer Weekender event and here are some of my highlights of that weekend.

PC Gamer Weekender is a two day gaming event, entirely dedicated to....you guessed it - PC Gaming! For more information on that, you can read our previous article here or check out the official site here.

During the two day event, I had a chance to see, play and experience many different games ranging from retro classics (such as Cave Story and Jedi Knight 2) to the most up to date and modern titles out there, including Raw Data (which I'd previously played in VR at an event with HTC) and a great deal of indie games too!

Three titles which stood out to me the most were:


This fast paced, top down multiplayer stealth shooter is set in complete darkness and is definitely a personal favourite and my first event highlight. With a multitude of different ranged and up-close melee weapons, up to 4 players can face off in a variety of maps and mazes within the pitch black, with only strategically placed lights and the flashes of your guns to light your way. It was an interesting concept, successfully providing rounds of fun for myself and friends alike- so much so that we returned to play another round before we left.


Another game that focuses on stealth, Hacktag is a 2 player co-operative game that requires two players to work together simultaneously. One player is tasked with stealing important data, sneaking around and exploring to accomplish this, whilst the other works alongside him, hacking computers and security locks, allowing his comrade access to new locations impossible to reach alone. They also both need to avoid security patrols/detection at all costs.

This is a game that heavily relies on trust and teamwork, forcing you to constantly save one another as the levels gets progressively harder. If you plan to win, I recommend playing this with friends you can trust.

Nature's Zombie Apocalypse

Though not a stealth title, Nature's Zombie Apocalypse is yet another fast paced, top down multiplayer game. This side-scroller puts you in control of one of 8 animals, each possessing different abilities and weapons to fight endless hordes of zombies in a 3D representation of an apocalyptic London. This 8 player title had me wanting more, as myself and those with me thoroughly enjoyed its chaotically fun play style as we battled our way through hordes of humorous enemies. If you ever get the chance to play this, I'd highly recommend it!

The last thing worthy of an honourable mention is the SEGA Zone, which again, was a good combination of retro classics and modern epics. Being able to play Sonic Adventure once more gave me a healthy dose of nostalgia, while Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War III and Total War: Warhammer were also great war titles worth checking out. Adding to that, attendees were also giving a chance to play and watch twitch celebrities who were live streaming throughout the event.

I snapped several photo's of this years PC Gamer Weekender, so be sure to check them out below, but overall I'd recommend this event to gamers and PC enthusiasts alike and will definitely be attending again next year!

Did you get a chance to attend this years PC Gamer Weekender? What were your highlights of the event? Let us know in the comments below or hit me up on twitter @LPCPhotography.

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