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Beat the Game Review - Making that Perfect Mix

Beat the Game is a fusion of art that asks you to flex your creative muscles. Can the concept keep you interested?

Beat the game begins with you travelling through the desert on your trusty bike when you get into an accident. After awaking you find that your bike has taken extensive damaged and you are left stranded.

While looking for a fix, you are swallowed by vines and taken to a completely new environment. Here you start your musical adventure while at the same time, finding a way to move on.

When I first took a look at Beat the Game way back, I'll admit that the art style originally drew me in rather than the second focus of the game which was based on sound.

Essentially I thought, hey this game looks good and decided to get it, but I didn't really understand what kind of game it was nor what it was trying to achieve overall.

When I think about Beat the game, its goal is to weave together art and sound in a strange yet beautiful way. The only end goal is to simply find all the sounds in the environment and use these  to create a live show. The game constantly encourages you to mix your sounds and create your own tunes. It wants you to experiment and flex your creative muscles.

The environment itself is filled with many things from the spaceships circling the sky, to the random drugs that you pick up... still don't understand the use of them other than making things look psychedelic.

You use your Sound Scanner to record sounds from far away sources and also create your own with objects you find lying around. For example, you throw a crystal at a dome that creates a sound that reverberates throughout the area.

There is a also a mini robot which can help you find items a lot quicker than you simply moving around at your pace. You can set a beacon and easily pick up what you find.

All sounds you pick up are kept on your holographic mixer in which you can play with as much as you want. It includes volume fades and effects if you wish to really go the extra mile.

The end result as mentioned earlier is a live show in which you try to keep your low polygon audience interested. This is aided further by finding all the sounds you can in the environment.

Beat the Game is a strange journey into music and art as we flex our creative brains in creating new mixes, but also enjoy this odd world that we've been presented with. Its a shame that its so short as the game can literally be completed in less than an hour, however it seems the end goal is not to just rush to the finish, but take your time and realise your own flow.

Its sad to see that it can end so quickly. I really thought the buildings in the distance were perhaps new areas that we could eventually travel to, however alas the first part is all there is.

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