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Semispheres Review - Dual Stick Puzzle Action

Originally Semispheres was released on Windows PC before making it to the PlayStation 4 and now the Nintendo Switch. Does this puzzle based game make a good addition to the hybrid console?

Semispheres is a puzzle game that requires you to control two orbs of light as you guide them from one end of a level to the other. While this has already been out for a while on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, but the version I got to get my hands on was on the Nintendo Switch and so each orb was assigned to a Joy con.

The game starts off completely blank. No instructions or hints telling you what is happening. The only suggestion you get is simply a notice that each orb moves separately, other than that you are thrown in to the deep end immediately and honestly I can appreciate this as some games can take quite a while before getting to something meaningful, so its refreshing to see that they just want you to jump right in and enjoy it.

Levels are accessed through a constellation like menu, where there are several levels in each group. Once a group is completed, it unlocks a small storyboard showcasing some sort of narrative, however its a shame that it doesn't impact the overall gameplay in any way. Just a series of images and no text that could have given it some clarification.

The levels usually follow a similar pattern where you start on one end and the goal is to get past the obstacle to reach the other. Initially it is pretty straight forward, however later levels have you cross dimensions in order to reach the goal.

This is done by using a pick up which causes a loop hole and allows you to affect the world of the second orb, either by creating a path to move forward or distracting the enemies. Other powers include switching sides and enemy spotlights.

There can be quite a nice variety in difficulty. I have come across levels which I flew through and some which did take me a little longer. Aesthetically the game does look pretty and has a simple yet sharp look to it, almost ethereal.

It does feel like the Nintendo Switch is a good fit for Semispheres as you are essentially using each Joycon, you can easily hand it over to a pal for some co-op action. Yes it may reduce the difficulty of having to control both, but having different options to play with is still a most welcome addition.

Semispheres looks to be a great fit for the Nintendo Switch and a must grab for your library, especially as due to its quick start style. its ideal to get in a quick gaming fix. The addition of the narrative is quite odd, but anymore than what was shown could have reduced the overall quality of the game.

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