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Rogue Trooper Redux Review - A Classic that Really Doesn't Stand Up Today

Rogue Trooper Redux is a classic title that has been remade for this generation's consoles. Seeing a release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, how does it hold up to today's standards?

I unfortunately never had the pleasure of playing the original and so once I heard that there was to chance to play this on the Nintendo Switch, I jumped at it as doing it on the go just seemed irresistible to me.

The story is set on the planet Nu-Earth, which is caught in the gravitational forces of two suns and a black hole (used by Southers to warp into their space station high command), where a perpetual war between the Norts and Southers is being fought, in which millions have been killed.

Rogue Trooper Redux is essentially about a rogue G.I or genetic infantry who's out for revenge against the Traitor General who let our their secret, therefore causing the massacre of all his comrades.

All G.I.s possess a biochip implanted inside of the skull that contains their personality traits, memories and consciousness. After a G.I. dies his biochip can be inserted in a slot in another G.I's equipment or weapon, enabling him to control it. The biochip can later be placed into a new body, allowing the fallen G.I. to be reborn.

As you progress through the game and meet fallen allies, their experience and expertise get added to your arsenal. Some can help create new weapons to give you a better chance against enemies later down the line.

Salvage can also be found and this can be used to craft new weapons and ammo, with the latter needing more attention, adding a sense of strategic urgency to the gameplay.

The gunplay itself doesn't really hold up to today's standards, however I still got a chuckle out of decimating enemies and watching them flying around the screen. Whether this was done intentionally or not who knows, but one thing is for sure, it did make me feel like I was playing through some old school action flick.

The online has many different mode attached to it, however it became impossible to really give it a go due to not finding any active lobbies or players. Playing this with others could have been a lot of fun, even from a co-op aspect, perhaps if this was pushed a little more we may have seen more hype for it.

I can definitely see why Rogue Trooper was so popular when it was originally released, especially with some of the crazy ideas it presents like using the dead GI chip on your weapons/ self to keep them alive.

While I never had the opportunity to give the original a spin, Rogue Trooper Redux is still a fun game, albeit not up to scratch when comparing it to the offerings available today. Its a shame that the online seemed dead whenever I tried to get on it, however it does seem like the single player is where the effort was put in.

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