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Kitty Powers' Love Life Review - Bringing People Together

Kitty Powers the alter ego of Rich Franke wants you to get people together and make sure they stay together! But how does the game itself hold up?

To kick things off, I was initially sceptical about how much depth Kitty Powers: Love Life would have and thankfully those low expectations were blown away as there is a wide variety of things you can do and activities you can take part in.

I must also add that the game itself is paced pretty well and makes sure that you are well equipped to go at it alone. This is done through in game tutorials from Kitty herself, giving you a rundown on the mechanics, options and your mission.

The premise of Kitty Powers: Love Life is to make the people around you happy... or you can be evil and have everyone hate each other, but I'm sure you won't go down that path. At the end of every week you will be evaluated by Kitty Powers. You receive a financial bonus for every good deed that you do, so help the couples as much as you can.

Our journey begins in Middle Brightstars (a small village) which is view-able at all times and the aim is to essentially turn it into a paradise for couples. This is done by advertising the village to attract residents to move in. You can pick which residents you want and view their profile to learn a little more about them.

Residents will go about their day and you can skip time to speed things along. They'll also post from time to time their daily activities which you can see on the kitty feed. This also helps keep track of how they are doing and what you can do to make things better for them.

Things get a little more tricky when problems arise and when they do, a resident will hit the panic button. Of course you can choose to ignore them, however solving their issues builds their meter and helps them connect with their partner better. One of the more common issues is when they are unsure what they should talk about next, here you spin the machine to drop the love eggs into the chute. You can pick one of the three topics that pops out. Knowing your residents is key here and can go a long way in making sure you pick the right things to talk about or things can get quite awkward.

Other issues include electrical problems where you need to connect the wires correctly or plumbing where you have to pick the right piece to have the water flowing again. While these are pretty varied and there are a lot of them, some of the tasks are almost impossible to complete as it requires you to pick a very specific spot on a board. This led me to believe that the game was purposely trying to have me fail even though I managed to make it all work out in the end.

There is also a private box called the Kitty box where it keeps hold of all the private messages that residents have sent you. One particular example is where a resident wishes to get engaged to their partner and would like you to help out. This would then require you to set up a meeting and work with them to have it organised. Of course these particular private issues can vary, some of which can be directly in regards to one of the residents in the area or even between the couples themselves.

The more you build a couple's relationship, they will eventually want to take the next step and marry their significant other or propose. A successful proposal nets you promotion points. Enough points will level you up and unlock new things for your village. Unlocks include new buildings which residents can visit during the day to spend their free time. Picking the right places to build based on their preferences is important, so look out for that.

I'll admit that I really underestimated Kitty Powers' Love Life, but found that the game really does accomplish what it sets out to do, although there are a few areas that do hold it back. I believe fans of games from this genre will really enjoy it, so if you are looking to make your village a paradise for new couples, then go pick this up!

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