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Batman: The Telltale Series - The Dark Knight On the Go!

Telltale's Batman has been making waves ever since it was announced, thanks to its engaging storytelling. After initially releasing on other platforms, the first season has finally made its way to the Nintendo Switch, but how does it hold up?

Telltale has been knocking it out of the park with their games and ever since the Nintendo Switch was announced and the rampant speculations began, I always believed that we would see their games on the platform as it just seemed perfect for what the hybrid console was trying to achieve.

Cue Batman: The Telltale Series. This is of course the first season of episodic content and I guess this was really done to test the waters before possibly committing later down the line, however not only does it work well, but it also plays beautifully too.

For those who may have completely missed it, Telltale created a 5 episode series for Batman that involved their unique story telling gameplay to show another side of the caped crusader. Here we see Bruce dealing with his family legacy, coming across familiar characters and figuring out his role going forward.

The game is built in a way that allows you to binge play through it or get in your small episodic bursts where you can. Thankfully if you choose to do the latter, there is always a small recap at the beginning of each episode to refresh your memory.

The story is progressed based on your actions and something you did in episode 1, can come back for you later down the line. This usually involves things you say to characters and actions you perform in the sight of others. For example I made a choice to save Catwoman instead of Harvey Dent, resulting in him receiving a serious injury and becoming my nemesis at Two-Face. Of course historically speaking, that is the way the character is meant to end up and if I did save Harvey instead, I'm sure it would have only prolonged his eventual turn into the bad guy.

While the game is mostly played through character interactions and dialogue choices, there are set pieces that involve quite a bit of action and here you do get involved, but nothing on a crazy level. Button prompts will appear on screen and hitting them correctly will not only progress the action on display, but also fill up the bat meter at the bottom. This could vary from a singly button press to multiple at the same time. Once the bar is filled, you're able to perform a final finisher to close out the scene.

That is Telltale's Batman in a nutshell, however the Nintendo Switch version does offer a slightly different control scheme that may work better for some. This is more useful during dialogue where you can use the touch screen to make your choices instead. It does appear with a weird border that I did find distracting, especially when I'm trying to focus on what is playing out in front of me, but nothing that dampens the overall experience.

You can also use the touch screen when you get the chance to explore mini areas by either tapping on points of interest or by simply dragging your finger across the screen. It personally didn't make much of a difference to me and yes this is only useful to you when playing in handheld mode, however due to the actual screen size and really just trying to take everything in, I mainly stuck to using the actual controller instead.

Telltale and their games seem to be a perfect match for the Nintendo Switch and I do hope to see many more of their titles come to the platform. It felt great being able to not only play this at my own pace and away from the big screen, but also no matter which format of play I chose, it didn't lessen the experience at all which I believe is very important

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