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Eat Beat Dead Spike-san Review - Rocking Out to Blazblue

BlazBlue swaps out combat for the Rhythm genre with Eat Beat Dead Spike-san. Rock out to a total of 20 musical tracks, but how much fun is it?

Eat Beat Dead Spike-san was released on the Nintendo Switch and the game is actually perfect for the system due to its easy to pick up controls and accessibility whether you decide to play this docked or undocked.

When it comes to a story, we have Ragna losing battle after battle and because of this, Dead Spike-san believes it can help by eating more and becoming stronger thus starting an epic journey which essentially just resulted in Ragna being dragged behind it.

Tracks are displayed on a wheel with their corresponding character, some of which get more then one track in and from there you can choose the difficulty and one of three characters to be come the onscreen avatar, Dead Spike-san and Ragna, Ouroboros and Hazama or Nirvana and Carl

If you've played rhythm games before, you'll get the general gist of how to play. Some games in this genre make use of several controls in order to jam with the beat, however Eat Beat Dead Spike-san only uses two buttons; 'L' and 'R' to get the groove going, with a third to activate Overdrive even though there is an option for it to become active by default, but don't make the assumption that it suddenly makes the game easy because it can definitely be hard to master.

When attempting to hit each note, you are given a rating of bad, good, great and perfect. The better your timing, the higher the score you receive but be careful, too many bad ratings will result in you losing health and eventually causing a game over so make sure you're on top of it. This can vary from a simple tap, to holding one specific button down or mashing both of them simultaneously. The game does a good job of mixing it up to keep you on your toes.

Supplementing this are stages from Blazblue games serving as backdrops. Its all done in a very colourful and cute looking way that I believe is intended to allow them to pop out more.

Overall there are 20 tracks to choose from, so there is a lot of variety there and for the hardcore of us, you can always go back and try doing all of them on the hard difficulty, some of which I found way too crazy to give a proper attempt.

Eat Beat Dead Spike-San is a fun little game for Blazblue lovers or more specifically for those who really enjoy some of the rocking music the series has been able to produce over the years. If there is one big shortcoming with the game its in how little there is actually to do.

It would have been great to see this expanded further when it came to the Nintendo Switch, but it seems to be a straight port of the mobile version which is a real shame. If the developers do another one, maybe we'll get some cool crossover with Arc System Works other series'.

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