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Sony E3 2018 Post-Show

To finish our E3 round-up, I stayed up to see what Sony had to say during their post-show presentation at this years expo and one thing's for sure - VR wasn't left behind.

First up we have Dreams - A title that's been in development for some time now and one Sony made use of in subtle ways throughout their main E3 presentation. A Dreams beta will be available at some point later this year, but for now, here's a full post-show demo of this quirky and creative title:

The rest of Sony's post-show videos were more highlights of what's to come, what's available and what's already been, but I've compiled the full list below, including the most recent footage where possible. Each and every title you're about to see either has VR support or is exclusively VR only.

Tetris Effect



Doom VR

Creed Rise to Glory


Star Trek Bridge Crew

The Persistance

Star Child


Jupiter and Mars

Astro Bot

Vacation Simulator

Super Hot VR

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