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LEGO The Incredibles Review - LEGO Family Fun

The Parr family are back to save the world in LEGO The Incredibles which feature the stories from both The Incredibles 1+2. LEGO games are generally fun, but how does this hold up?

LEGO The Incredibles allows you to play through the narrative of both films which oddly enough, you begin by playing the 2nd with the 1st being an extra unlocked afterwards. It was really strange that they went for this set up, however I feel that they did well capturing intense moments from the films and translating them over, but of course don't expect a complete 1 to 1 as it does need to be re amended for the Lego type gameplay.

Funnily enough at this point in time, I was still yet to watch the second movie and it was only until I did, that it made me appreciate the game even more and how much it prioritised the source material.

I enjoyed how the missions in the story were set up and made full use of the characters you had available to you at that moment in time. It included moments such as Mrs Incredible stretching across a gap so the other can get across or Mr Incredible literally throwing characters up to hard to reach places.

Other instances of characters working together included solving puzzles or constructing new devices out of the pieces. Everyone had their role to play and you gained even more characters with even more wacky abilities as the game went along. This was done through finishing a level and opening one of the lucky grab packs too.

While there can be a few glitches and visual bugs in a game this big, the cutscenes, puzzles and humour will help you look beyond that. Oh and possibly the million or so studs all over the place too.

Complimenting the main story, you have an open world city to explore which has its own fair share of problems. You can take part in a variety of side missions, races and more. This is split up into two different zones each with a crime boss for you to battle.

I think I've personally played only one other LEGO title, but I enjoyed my play through of LEGO The Incredibles and now I can see why these series of games have become so popular, especially with the younger crowd.

I guess it was released with the intention to piggyback off the big movie release, but its certainly done things its own way, while carefully sticking to the source material that made The Incredibles so much fun to begin with.

If you're a fan of the LEGO games, its toys or The incredibles then I'm sure you'll get a kick out of this one. It seems like a formula has been found in how to make these games and its worked out well and if anyone were to try and reinvent it, they will need something huge in order to make it meaningful.

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