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Gal Metal Review - The Power of Metal

Metal is Power, Metal is Life or so is the case in Gal Metal; a music rhythm game that has you use the motion function of the Joycons to play the drums. There is a lot more to it, but is it staying on beat?

The gist of the game is using the power of Metal to save the world... now stay with me here because it becomes even more wackier as we dive in, however brownie points for the creativity.

One day, invaders from out of space wish to take over the earth, although its not so simple. The reason of the invasion is that Metal has brainwashed their species, the Octoids and now they are out for revenge.

One night while on his way home from school, a high school boy is abducted by the Octoids and the boy's soul is transplanted into a high school girl's body in a sinister experiment. Now sharing a body, the duo must work together with her high school band, K.M.G. (Kichijoji Metal Girls) to defeat the aliens with their greatest weakness: metal!

The story is played out in chapters or 'Gigs' which mixes things up between manga panel style cut scenes to advance the story and interactions with the other band members. The story itself doesn't make much sense and becomes really bizarre the further you go into it, however going by the game's premise perhaps it works just fine.

Interactions with other band members can help you improve areas which assists your performance. Those aspects are Morality, Activity, Creativity and Guts & Passion. Some interactions will only improve one and others more, however it will always be a balancing act as one area goes up, another will go down.

Performing any kind of action will deplete your stamina and this will always be present on the screen when selecting what you would like to do. This goes for band and solo practice as well so keep an eye on this as to not get disappointed you didn't do something due to running out.

Being part of this band puts you on the drums and you use the Nintendo Switch's Joycons to hit the left and right drums. There are many different tunes you will play, some of which are instantly recognisable and this is accomplished by playing to the rhythm in a certain way. This is identified by blue and orange circles which represent the left and right side.

Playing in rhythm with everyone during a performance will gain you points, however being able to mix it up will boost that score much higher, so it is always worth learning more than one drum beat as there is usually two available for each performance. Some are of course a little more difficult than others, but I tend to go for the ones that I am able to do with the least mistakes.

That's not all to it however as you have enemies that will be trying to stop your performance and as you go through the game, you will come across many different ones; each with their own way of going about it.

For example the Squidarians will spit ink at you and you will be unable to hit that particular area of the drum set. The only way to overcome this is to keep the performance going by using available drums until the ink fades or the Shrimpian will use its laser gun instead. This causes no sound to be heard making it difficult to stay in Rhythm. The only way to stop this is to hit the cymbals before they have a chance to attack.

Its a nice mix up to the standard gameplay and adds a good challenge without seeming overbearing or out of place.

Gal Metal is an enjoyable game that you can easily return to in order to jam out to more tracks, long after the main story has been completed. The fact that they use popular tracks is a plus and I believe can help ease players into its gameplay. I sometimes found that the Joycon doesn't register a drum hit accurately, but thankfully these happened on very few occasions.

If you are a fan of the Rhythm game genre, then Gal Metal is absolutely for you. It ticks the boxes for you while including an extra story mode which gives you more than you bargained for.

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