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Preview: An Intense and Wild Wasteland in Metro Exodus

Last week we had the opportunity to go hands on with the upcoming Metro Exodus by 4A Games. This time we are journeying through the Russian wasteland which comes with its own challenges to overcome, but how does the game fair so far?

I am one of those individuals that owns the previous two games, but have either played a very small amount of it or none at all. This is mainly down to always playing something else at the time or completely forgetting about it.

So when this opportunity came along to check out Metro Exodus, I could not give it up as I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that I was missing out on a great game and after spending a few hours with it, I was correct.

When approaching the game's expansive sandbox levels, they are split up into seasons. Two of which have already been showcased before, however the new area we were pointed towards was based in the Summer. Imagine a scorching desert that looks like it never ends; no water around for miles, even to go so far with random bushes catching on fire simply due to the fact that it was too hot. I actually got hit by one of these as it caught fire rolling around in the desert winds which completely took me by surprise.

The biggest detriment to the environment would be the sandstorms that come sweeping through from time to time. This drops visibility quite heavily and can make you an easy target, let alone not being able to see where you are going. When you actually start the level, you can see the first storm coming through in the distance and it looks as amazing as it is dangerous.

Our mission here was simple. Look for fuel and water as the train could not go any further without it. This coincidentally brings us across a bunch of bandits that go speeding past in a mini bus that looks like it'll be worth alot, especially in this wasteland.

On trying to intercept this group, we are greeted by a bunch of monsters that want nothing more than to rip us apart. The important aspect to note about the Metro games is that ammo is not very easy to come across and while you can craft more, you do not want to go in guns blazing. I was able to take out a few enemies with a good whack to the body, however I do not recommend this as an actual strategy.

The main element here is survival and you will need to do everything within your power to ensure this happens. This means being smart about what you use and when you use it, especially when you get to certain areas that are still radioactive.

Once we explored the bandits base, we were able to gain access to the mini bus sitting outside. Now I mentioned that these sandbox levels were quite expansive and seeing where the story was taking me next in the desert, I am so glad that I wasn't going to be traversing it on foot. That is just how big the maps are, but don't be fooled as there is plenty to do on it, including areas of possible interest to compliment the main missions.

During my time with it, it is clear that Metro Exodus is designed to offer you a challenge, even at the lighter difficulties. It challenges you to survive in this world by making things hard to come by and keeps its moments so intense that it puts you right in the middle of it.

The only thing left is to possibly revisit the previous titles before this one comes along in order to get the complete picture, but I can say one thing for sure, the small time I've had with it has peaked my interest through the roof and I now look forward to the game's release.

Metro Exodus is set to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC; February 15th and for more information on the game, see this link here http://www.metrothegame.com/en-gb/

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