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New Features Revealed in Football Manager 2020

Sports Interactive and SEGA have unveiled the upcoming headline features for Football Manager 2020!

Player development and club identity are brought to the fore in FM20 and managers can have greater input in both. Additionally, FM20 sees improvements to the in-match graphics as well as new backroom advice and staff roles.
Development Centre
The Development Centre lets you see an overview of the young players at your club with relevant
advice about their development displayed. The ‘ones to watch’ in your squad are also highlighted
along with players whose development is in need of attention.

There are individual tabs for viewing your players out on loan, your youth squads and youth intake in
more detail as well as your entire youth staff and their responsibilities. From the youth squad
menus, you can view their tactics, training schedule, recent matches and upcoming fixtures.

Club Vision
The board now set their club vision that gives each save more of a unique identity. Because this
vision is far-reaching and designed to be achieved over several seasons, it means that you’re not just
being judged on your league position alone each season but on other factors such as whether you’re
adhering to the club’s culture or hitting the milestones of the board’s five year plan.

These ambitions are outlined to you in the new Welcome Meeting. This takes place before you even
get to your inbox on your first day at the club and involves the board setting out their expectations
and ambitions as well as giving you background on the club, first-team squad, backroom staff and
your responsibilities. This meeting takes place in the new boardroom environment.

Playing Time Pathway
Now, playing time define the status of a player within the squad and a playing time structure can be
promised to a player for the duration of their contract. As part of the contract negotiations, you can
offer playing time over future seasons which can be used to give a young star a defined path into the
first-team, for example.

You’ll be able to keep track of how well you’re sticking to the promised playing time and discuss any
discrepancies between actual and proposed playing time with your players. Your backroom staff will
provide you with advice relating to playing time and give you a summary of player progression and
how that may affect a player’s playing time from one season to the next.

Graphic Improvements
The match experience in FM20 is the best looking in the series so far. New player models this year
are more lifelike which also extends into the manager avatars that have also been remodelled.
The pitches in FM20 have also been improved and are more visibly affected by weather patterns and
display more noticeable effects of mud and water. For example, you’ll be able to see trails on the
pitch from where a player has made a slide tackle.

Backroom Staff
There is a greater level of backroom advice available to you including more detailed team selection
advice from your backroom team, including a suggested squad to use on matchday.
There are two new staff roles this year to reflect the changing face of modern football. These are:
Head of Player Development and the Technical Director.
This year also sees a revamp to the staff responsibilities that will make it easier to change individual
responsibilities and see your overall responsibilities setup.

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