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[Preview] Ponpu - A Higher Level Of Bomberman

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Thanks to developer Purple Tree Studio and Publisher Zordix, we were able to check out the upcoming Ponpu ahead of its release this June.

If you are familiar with the Bomberman series, then Ponpu will make a lot of sense as the game shares many similarities but adds its own little twists to make things more interesting.

Ponpu is a competitive arcade maze game that has been updated to allow more varied skills with this type of gameplay. At its base, four go in and one comes out on top. In the arena you use the selected bombs and try to take out your opponents.

This is done via the use of explosive eggs as you try to outwit your opponents in the arena. The way Ponpu evolves the classic mechanics is to introduce new skills in order to make the experience more frantic such as the use of shields and parries, giving skilled players a real chance to flex on their foes.

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Other than the plethora of Multiplayer modes which also includes one of my favourites that involves throwing paint everywhere, there is also a single player adventure. From what I saw there were three worlds, however only one was playable.

This consisted of several levels which involved taking down enemies, finding keys to unlock doors and taking part in quite a fun boss battle at the end. I'm glad I actually started here as the beginning level gave me a run down of the mechanics in a clear and easy to understand way.

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Lastly, I really do like the overall visual choices and I feel the limited colour palette gives the game a sharp aesthetic without making it look plain at all. It allows all aspects to really stand out and gives it a clean finish. The preview also had four Ponpu available and currently I am unsure if there will be more designs to choose from, however for now each design is distinct enough that players won't get confused who they are.

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Ponpu is definitely an interesting one and I'm intrigued to play the final build to get the best experience. Up to this point I've had a lot of fun with it and while I checked out the PC version, I'll be looking to grab this once it hits consoles so I can convince friends to get on the multiplayer madness.

Ponpu will be released this coming this June for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. For more information on the game, see this link https://bit.ly/35VylrE

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