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[Review] Filament - A Complex Puzzler

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Filament is a top down puzzle game by developers Beard Envy and Published by Kasedo Games that will test your limits in over 300 challenging puzzles. Your crew is missing and it is up to you to uncover the truth. 

Filament kicks us off in an abandoned spaceship called The Alabaster and all of the crew is missing. During your time here you are in contact with a mysterious voice as you explore the ship, face mind bending puzzles and uncover the truth behind what has happened.

Along with this you will be able to find messages, records, crews logs and more allowing you to learn who the crew were and the reason behind their disappearance.

Unfortunately the narrative side does leave more to be desired and this is clearly more of an add-on then an actual focus compared to the gameplay.

The main grab of the game are the puzzles and once you exit the initial area which helps to get you a little used to what you'll be doing, you are free to tackle the rest of the puzzles in any order you like. These are spread out all over the ship and across multiple levels.

Filament Spaceship We Know Gamers

As previously mentioned, puzzles play a big part here, some of which will have you ripping your hair out as you attempt to figure out their solutions. I noticed that each set of puzzles tend to build up in difficulty so don't worry if you feel like things will become impossible to resolve  right from the get go.

Once any new type of puzzle is introduced there will always be an easy one to allow you to wrap you mind around what is required. It can start with simply getting all lights on to ensuring you do not touch specific coloured walls in order to continue.

This is done with a little robot who carries a cable to put around these objects. Its always amazing to see yourself so sure that you figured out the solution to then get to the end part and realise a mistake was made. From my experience, this is especially damning if you have already wrapped yourself around several objects prior to reaching what you believe is the end point.

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Counter to this, the eureka moments are just as good and the sheer joy from intricately weaving through a mind boggling level that you know would have had your friends sweating is really satisfying.
Apart from the puzzle sections which can look quite plain, I really liked the art style of the game when it came to the ship and everything it contained. (Add something)

Filament can be a fulfilling title for you if you not only enjoy puzzles, but a challenge that pushes your thinking and tries to get you to explore outside of the box. If you are looking for a more laid back experience unfortunately you will not find it here.

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