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[Review] Hayfever - Sneezing Has Never Been So Cool

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Sneeze your way through all seasons with Hayfever! A 2D platformer by Pixadome. Initially a Game Jam prototype, it packs a lot of cool ideas, but how does it play overall?

Hayfever follows the adventure of one unlucky yet hardworking postman called Thomas as during one of this early morning rounds, he produces a sneeze so large that the letters he was meant to deliver all fly away.

With the help of Carlie, the mail van; Thomas goes on an adventure to collect the missing letters or face the hot temper of his boss Harvey.

Hayfever is a 2D platformer where the goal in each level is to collect the letters and make it to Carlie at the end. Sneezing is what got our character in to this mess to begin with, however it turns out to also be his greatest strength as you sneeze to get past enemies and reach heights you never thought possible.

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This is thanks to all the dust clouds you will find in a level and after going through one, your meter at the bottom fills up. The higher the meter, the further the distance your sneeze will take you. This caps off at a certain amount so do be careful to not just constantly suck in those dust clouds as when it reaches maximum, our letter delivering hero will automatically go flying in which you either land safe or go straight into a spike.

Its not only sneezing that can help you get around as some levels include red orbs that can propel you where you can determine the direction., red arrows which push you down a certain road and other allergens which provide their own strange yet useful power ups in turn totally warping the look of Thomas, poor guy.

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Earlier levels give you a good idea of what you will be getting yourself into but as you reach the end of each season, things do ramp up quite significantly with the different enemy types and the skills they bring to the table. I'd be remiss to not mention the bosses as they provide quite the challenge, even for the hardcore of us.

The version I played is on the Nintendo Switch and the game just seems perfect for handheld play. The 2D sprites burst with colour and the soundtrack is so catchy, you can't help but tap your feet while playing. It's perfect for gaming on the go, however I can recommend experiencing the docked mode as the game feels, plays and looks great on the big screen too.

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Hayfever is a fun, but challenging 2D platformer that brings in some unique ideas to make a pretty wholesome game. I read that the game was made for speed runners in mind and I can see why as you can basically zip through a level pretty quickly and in some cases, not even touch the ground while you are at it.

It takes a certain level of mastery of the mechanics in order to do this, but once you get grip on things it unlocks your ability to move forward at a quicker pace.

Hayfever is easy to get into and you can simply pick it up to get in a quick level or two. If you enjoy your platformers and a good challenge, then this game is for you.

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