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Dead Space Returns! - Here's what we know so far...

Dead Space is back and promises to build on the latest tech the gaming industry has to offer, but while our anticipation builds for that ever so sweet first gameplay reveal, what do we know so far?

For a while now, rumours had been floating around the internet about a new Dead Space project in the works. Was it going to be a HD remaster? A remake? A full on reboot?

In truth I'd have taken any of the above if it meant showing EA that I, along with so many others, wanted more Dead Space. Well, following EA's 'EA Play Live' show yesterday, while the title has officially been revealed as a full on remake, it's actually a mix of all three. You see, the original Dead Space released back in 2008 and quickly developed somewhat of a cult following. It took a lot of inspiration from the way Resident Evil 4 played, but effectively did so much to pave its own path, it pretty much reinvented the genre.

Resident Evil 4 wasn't the only inspiration for the series however, as the general Sci-Fi direction was also largely influenced by the Alien films, but Event Horizon even more so.

By remaking Dead Space, EA are able to reboot the series, bringing the latest in Ultra High Definition visuals to a fresh, new audience. This can only be a good thing because if the experience ends up being as great as we all hope it will be, bringing the series back into the public spotlight means it'll reach a new generation of players, leaving the door open for a remake of all three original titles and perhaps even a continuation from where the series initially left off.

Fans will tell you that Dead Space has always been an imaginative, fast-paced, brutal and engagingly creative shock-fest. With extreme body horror, the feeling of isolation and not knowing what to expect around the next corner, there were times where Dead Space was just downright horrifying and I absolutely loved it.

As for which studio is developing the game, that'll be EA Motive, previously responsible for the likes of Stars Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars Squadrons. So far all we've had is an official reveal that the remake is in the works, so while we don't know exactly how it'll play just yet, if we go by the same rumours that leaked the remake just days before EA's reveal, it'll be taking a lot of inspiration from Capcom's highly successful Resident Evil 2 Remake. I feel this is a natural fit, considering the original played so similarly to Resident Evil 4 and the RE2 remake is pretty much an evolution of that.

Worth mentioning is that while the team at Motive Studios have full access to the assets of the original three titles, the remake is being completely remade from the ground up, and is said to be implementing some of the more interesting gameplay mechanics that came later in the series. The developers have also heavily emphasised that much like the original game, the team are focused entirely on the remake being a single-player only experience, and one of epic proportions that'll make you want to start and finish the game in one sitting. Even better, there will be no microtransactions, which was arguably the cause of the series downfall in the first place.

Promising such an immersive experience is a tall order considering the success of the original (but incomplete) series, but one that I remain hopeful for. Dead Space 2 is one of my favourite games of all time. I'm an absolute diehard fan of the series and more Dead Space is all I've wanted from EA for years, so now that it's finally happening, I can't wait to see what's in store for us.

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