We Know Gamers was founded during the Summer of 2010 by Liban Ali, the website's current Editor in Chief. The goal of the site was simple, to provide the latest news, screenshots and videos of upcoming games while along the way voicing an opinion by writing reviews for the latest titles.

As of that time, We Know Gamers has grown getting support from some of the worlds biggest publishers such as THQ, Square Enix, Activision and Ubisoft, In order to bring our audience the most engaging content we can possibly create in a structured, friendly and understandable manner that can connect with all ages.

While the site is updated everyday with fresh content, it can prove difficult to keep up with all the news, therefore we've simplified the process by keeping our readers up to date on the social networking sites, We Know Gamers is a part of. You can find us on the sites below! Say hello or give us your opinion on something you read.

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The Team Of Pure Awesomenessssss.....

Liban Ali - Editor in Chief 
I started We Know Gamers as a means to keep up with all the things happening in the industry. Before I knew it I was writing up regular posts and reviews for the latest titles. I always am looking for new ways to create unique content and push the site to the next level.

Follow me on Twitter: @wkg_liban

Nik Gaydon - Assistant Editor/Staff Writer 
Always one to stand out from the crowd, I love brutal action/adventure, RPG's and fun, experimental titles. When I'm not gaming I'm either watching Animé, reading Manga or working on my latest art project. Berserk, Gantz and Code Geass for the win!

Follow me on Twitter: @CaptainCortez

Chris Locke - Staff Writer 
I've been gaming since the Spectrum days and haven't really stopped since then. Nintendo has been my go to ever since I got my hands on a SNES and their first party titles are some of my all time favourites. Big fan of stealth titles as well as the odd beat em up and racers.

Follow me on Twitter: @ChaosRiotZero

Ben Shaw - Staff Writer
My name's Ben and I'm a gaming maniac. I've lived and breathed video games for the past 18 years and will continue to do so until the day I die. When I'm not gaming, I can generally be found obsessing over football, wrestling and television shows. I have a few obsessions...what can I say!

Follow me on Twitter: @KingKicks 
Chapman Lee - Cameraman and Photographer 
I'm Chapman (Chaps, Chappie, too many nicknames), I'm an artist and photographer and gamer. I've been a gamer and anime fan pretty much all my life so most of you may have met or seen me before at other events. So when I'm not gaming, I'm out there taking photo and videoing gaming events and anime events.

Follow me on Twitter: @LPCPhotography

Sarah Green - Contributing Photographer/CM, Founder and Admin of LoL Cosplay UK and Overwatch UK
Hi, my name's Sarah aka binkehlol. I've been running e-sport tournaments since 2013 and have been running and doing admin for various gaming community groups (online) since 2011. Apart from that, I also attend events as a Cosplayer.

Follow me on Twitter: @Binkehlol