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About Us

We Know Gamers was founded in London, UK during the Summer of 2010 by Liban Ali, the websites current Editor in Chief. The goal of the site was simple - To provide the latest gaming industry news and media assets, while voicing an opinion along the way.

Since then, We Know Gamers has grown into a successful, independent gaming news website and has support from many of the worlds biggest publishers, some of which include Square-Enix, Activision, Koei/Tecmo, Namco Bandai and 2K Games.

As time moves on so do trends and as such, we're now happy to announce that we've decided to branch out and dedicate ourselves to becoming a much more relatable, independent gaming news website.

What this means is that while gaming is still our primary focus, we'll also be writing about commonly shared interests within the gaming community. You'll continue to see some of the most informative and unbiased opinion pieces on the web, but we'll now be able to better express our teams passions and interests, giving you all something a little extra to look forward to each week.

For the technophiles out there, Liban and Chapman will be giving you the lowdown on some of the latest and greatest technology on the market, where as Nik's undying love for all things Japanese will shine through once a month as he talks about Animé, Manga and anything else related he can think of.

Cherry Blossoms aside, this is exciting, because not only will you be getting a ton of new content, you'll also be learning about us as individuals, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of our latest updates as we continually look forward to sharing our views with you all!

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The Team Of Pure Awesomenessssss.....

Liban Ali
Founder/Site Overlord
I started We Know Gamers as a means to keep up with everything happening within the industry and before I knew it I was writing up regular posts and reviews for the latest titles. I'm always looking for new ways to create unique content and to push the site to the next level.

Follow me on Twitter: @wkg_liban
Nik Gaydon
Always one to stand out from the crowd, I love the unforgiving nature of Action/Adventure titles, RPG's and fun, experimental projects. I live for the challenge and when I'm not gaming I'm either out socialising, watching Animé or working on my latest art project.

Follow me on Twitter: @CaptainCortez

Chapman Lee
Photographer, Videographer and Writer 
I'm Chapman (Chaps, Chappie, too many nicknames), I'm an artist and photographer and gamer. I've been a gamer and anime fan pretty much all my life so most of you may have met or seen me before at other events. So when I'm not gaming, I'm out there taking photos and recording Gaming/Animé events.

Follow me on Twitter: @LPCPhotography