Tekken 7 Teased at Evolution 2014

Tekken 7 Teased at Evolution 2014 - weknowgamers

Evolution 2014 or EVO 2014 is the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, hosting legendary titles across gaming history with an attendance of a ridiculous size! This year Tekken king Katsuhiro Harada hit the stage to talk about Tekken by teasing the next instalment with a short trailer.

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Fire Emblem Characters And Captain Falcon Join The Super Smash Bros. Roster

Hot of the press, Nintendo revealed some new details today regarding a few new characters that will be joining the upcoming Smash Bros. Wii U and Smash Bros. 3DS roster!

Win A Digital Copy Of Sniper Elite III And A AX1-R headset

Yeah! Competition time and have we got an amazing one for you. Thanks to 505 Games we have a digital download code of Sniper Elite III on both PS4 and Xbox One to give away, but that's not all... The PlayStation 4 winner will also get an AX1-R headset from Gioteck!

E3 2014 Press Conference Round Up: Sony

E3 2014 Press Conference Round Up: Sony - weknowgamers

A couple of weeks ago the industry prepared itself for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and with it, a whole host of excited fans anticipating the next big hit sat quietly. Unknowing of what developer’s from all parts of the globe would be announcing, presenting and showing via the many gaming booth’s on site.

E3 2014 Press Conference Round Up: Nintendo

E3 2014 Press Conference Round Up: Nintendo - weknowgamers

Nintendo decided to not actually show up for an E3 event and opted to do a digital event much like they've been doing with their Directs as of late.

E3 2014 Press Conference Round Up: EA

E3 2014 Press Conference Round Up: EA - weknowgamers

Going into this year’s EA conference, many were hopeful that we would see more of Star Wars: Battlefront (after its brief tease at last year’s show) as well as finally seeing a new Mass Effect announced. Both were shown during the conference, though in a slightly disappointing fashion.

Preview: Incredible Kill Cams In Sniper Elite III

Preview: Incredible Kill Cams In Sniper Elite III - weknowgamers

Headshots, incredible kill cams? That’s exactly what you’ll be getting in 505 Games upcoming title Sniper Elite III and recently I was lucky enough to be invited to a secret location where I got to listen in on a detailed presentation by the developers and go hands on with the PlayStation 4 version of the game… oh those graphics, but what is it that really makes Sniper Elite III so awesome?

Strider Review

Strider Review - WEKNOWGAMERS

Streets of Rage, Super Metroid, Contra and even Quantum Fighter were brilliant titles for their time, but is Strider Hiryu’s 2014 adventure a true and rejuvenated gem that makes proud its fathers of old, or is it just another attempt to cash in on an overly dusty series from an era of gaming mostly unknown to the 3D generation?

Three Big Titles To Watch Out For At E3 2014

E3 2014 is nearly upon us and this year gaming fans are awaiting some of the most hyped titles to come out, especially as we can finally look forward to the actual games we want to see for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one, but also what Nintendo plans to do next with the Wii U.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review - weknowgamers

Since the original’s release back in 2002, Final Fantasy X has caused quite the rift among Final Fantasy fans. From X being the first fully voiced game in the franchise to having a main character that comes off as both likable and dislikeable, there were many areas up for debate between fans.

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